Ability to display end users' user field value in a Guide article

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  • Bruce Michelsen

    Have you explored using the Zendesk HelpCenter JavaScript object?

  • Mickaël Derriey

    Thanks for the suggestion, Bruce.

    I didn't know about the HelpCenter JS object.
    The only docs I could find about it are here: https://www.screensteps.com/articles/customizing-your-help-center-with-javascript

    Unfortunately, the custom user fields are not exposed through it, so it's not a viable solution for me.

  • Andre Ribeiro Queiroz

    If the field is a dropdown you will be able to use the HelpCenter object as it contains the user tags and the dropdown options maps to tags.

    If you are using a free text field or a numeric field the only way I can see is to have a backend service that will map those fields as tags and then recover them using HelpCenter object again. It is pretty much a workaround but it would work.

    Example of a custom tag mapping (with syncing using backend):
    Field: Number of aquisitions = 5
    Create custom tag => n_aq_5
    Get that tag in the HelpCenter object and parse the number out of it.

  • Mickaël Derriey

    Thanks Andre!

    We're in the process of implementing the solution you described, and it looks promising.
    Thanks for your help, I'll try and loop back with the final result when we've deployed this to our production instance.


  • Mickaël Derriey

    We've deployed that implementation to production and it works like a charm!

    Hopefully we'll find a solution that doesn't rely on the undocumented HelpCenter JavaScript object in the future, but for now all good!

    Thanks again, your help is much appreciated!



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