Allow visibility into the phone queue

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    Neil Weldon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Dylan, 

    Thanks for your feedback. We recognise the need for more granular information on the calls in the queue. Over the next while you will see changes in the product as we iterate to a new approach for how we are routing the calls (and other work items) and making available the details you are looking for. We will be working with our colleagues in Explore on how these are visualised across all channels as part of the Realtime dashboards.

    As a starting point we will be looking to create a ticket for each call as it comes in. These tickets will be available for you see in Views as well as being available for configured triggers you may setup. We'll allow these triggers to influence the routing of the calls - such as changing groups assignments and priority. 

    We do have some exciting features in progress in Engineering. Watch out for the Early access programs we'll be looking to open up during Q4. 




  • Josh


  • Donnie Byrd

    I agree, this would be very useful.  We had this in our old system and have grown very accustomed to it. 

  • Andrew Chu

    Following up on this. Agree with OP that the non-specificity of the Talk Dashboard makes a huge blindspot for this product.

    Really look forward to newly improved functions for this tool from Zendesk team



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