Explore - Custom Text Field returning NULL in Standard Calculated Attribute

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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I cannot reproduce that problem. It does sound very odd so you may have to reach out to Zendesk for support.

    To keep it simple, I used:


    Where the 'get single line text field' custom attribute is just pulling the custom field value as you have described.

    Assuming you are using the Support Tickets dataset and your data has synced, I do not understand why that would not work,


  • Gary R

    Thank you for giving that a look, Graeme!

    It certainly is odd - my query seems to be set up exactly like yours was. I am indeed using the Support Tickets dataset and as far as I know, our data is synced.

    We'll poke around a bit more and reach out to Zendesk directly if we are unable to resolve the situation. Thank you again for your time!



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