How to handle Help Center Object no longer being supported

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  • Danila Slezko

    You didn't miss anything, and we asked similar questions to the Zendesk support team several times. The answer has always been like this: use the current configurations of Api, helpers, and objects.

    In particular for helpers: if they were removed from the latest version of the theme. Nothing can be done about it.

    The only solution we have found is to replace the removed helpers by rewriting the code and using API. Of course, it's long, expensive, and wildly annoying.

    When we asked to provide a code that could replace the remote helpers, the answer was that there is no such thing, and you can manage on your own with your development team or find someone who has good programming skills.

    Result: We have to accept that Zendesk is changing, and different things(some goods too) will be removed from it from time to time.

    As far as I understood, there were quite a few requests of this kind from Zendesk clients, and zendesk created an article to explain the reasons why they do this.



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