Spelling Check Search - Why don't articles populate when a search is made with a spelling mistake?

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  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator

    Hey Natalia,

    It's because your wrong spelling wasn't recorded in knowledge base and our HC support searchbar isn't working as  the Google Search. Whatever have feed in the Knowledge base only those articles or words would be show. 


    Labels can be used.
    Labels are words (or combination of words) you can utilize on Guide articles to improve the search experience of articles. Labels are indexed for search with a little less weight as the article title, but multiple labels with similar words can outweigh the title and body of the article, so use labels carefully to balance your search results. For instructions on how to add labels to your articles, see the article: Using labels on your Help Center articles (Guide Professional and Enterprise).


    Also take a look at given link :)






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