Export a Spreadsheet of Help Center Article Inventory

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  • Blake A

    I am working on a way to do that too. https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360052661113-Way-to-generate-a-spreadsheet-html-table-from-all-Guide-JSON-data-export-of-our-help-articles- will share any info that I get! 

  • Blake A

    Ashley, I see  a comment on my post, https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360052661113-Way-to-generate-a-spreadsheet-html-table-from-all-Guide-JSON-data-export-of-our-help-articles-?page=1#community_comment_1500000037501 regarding an app from the marketplace. I am still going to try and solve this issue with code though. ;-)

  • Liz W

    I completely agree with Ashley. Zendesk team, I hope you'll consider this!

    My current project is to review all of our articles with our team (including those without Zendesk accounts or new to Zendesk) to decide which articles should be set at what permission levels and assigned to what user segments. I want a list to make sure none have fallen through the cracks.

    It seems unfathomable that fancy coding work would be required for such a basic action as seeing a list of all articles, or (even better) a list of articles with their current URLs, permission settings, authors, labels.

    Blake, thanks for working on code for this. I wish Zendesk would just make it a feature, but I sure appreciate your work on it in the meantime.

  • Casey Birkholz

    Totally agree. I am working on a similar project to review permissions and content in general - we have hundreds of articles. Being able to quickly and easily provide a report of all articles is something that comes up rather frequently in knowledge work. Export should be a basic feature. 

  • Blake A

    Good news! I thought outside the box! Below is a cheap way to yank out the raw data from Zendesk and into Google Spreadsheets! 

    1. Figure out your JSON URL! I used our Zendesk help article url: https://name.zendesk.com
    2. You can export JSON data from the KB articles by figuring out your own Zendesk Guide URL here: https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/help_center/articles
    3. So add step one and two together to get a full API URL, for example: https://name.zendesk.com/api/v2/help_center/en-us/articles.json?page=1
    4. You can chage the page=1 to something like page=2 for page 2 etc. We have like 15 pages of help articles. 
    5. I then stumbled upon this blog post and it turns out that you can import directly into Google Spreadsheet all the JSON data! See: https://blog.datawrapper.de/live-json-in-google-sheets/
    6. Look at the blog post and set up Google Sheets with the code from the above blog into the Script Editor in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.
    7. Once the Script is in, you can look at the blog's covid example in Colum A, Row 1 and use your own Zendesk API URL. See the example below of our URL in the spreadsheet:
    8. Now you can copy the data into different Sheets or delete columns to make the spreadsheet easier to view. Enjoy!

      So right now, I am not going to go down the route of setting up Node and a server to serve the raw JSON. But if I do and have a easier way to do this without using Google Spreadsheets, will post it here. Casey Birkholz Liz W Ashley Schwartau


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