Unable to see Custom Views


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  • Sushant Awalekar
    Community Moderator

    Hi Kyle Beaulieu

    If your co-agents are able to see the view that you are part of, then there are chances that your total number of shared views are exceeded 12 views. you can check the remaining views by clicking 'more' at the bottom of the views list.


    The number of shared views listed in the sidebar is limited to a maximum of 12

    Check this article by Graeme Carmichael
    Views:Best practice


  • Kyle Beaulieu
    Community Moderator

    Thanks, Sushant! That was definitely the cause. I didn't know there was a limit and I was at 12. I'm not sure how the other agent could see them as we should have the same views but I'm not going to investigate that. I removed a view and was able to see the newly created one. Fixed!



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