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  • Colin Piper

    Phil, this is fairly simple. In my article I added the folowing as an example:

    This text can only be seen by managers and agents


    I have this as JS:

    // Show div html based on role
    if (HelpCenter.user.role=="end_user"){

    if (HelpCenter.user.role=="agent"){

    if (HelpCenter.user.role=="manager"){

    if (HelpCenter.user.role=="anonymous"){


    and in my css I have:

    .internal.manager {
    display: none;



    So the internal stuff is hidden by default but then shown by the javascript that is reading the role of the user. 

  • Colin Piper

    Right, the first example was removed so i will try to type it here in a way that will not be removed:

    (Remove all underscores)

    < _div_ class_=_"internal manager">
    Internal only visible to agents/managers

  • Phil Holcombe

    Hi Colin,

    Interesting suggestion, thanks.

    Am I right in thinking that the internal content would be visible to any customer that was curious enough to go and look for it, by viewing the page source?

    If so, that would not be appropriate for anything really confidential, but might help in some circumstances.


  • Colin Piper

    Yes Phil if you really wanted to see this then you could. We actually use this to point to another article that is protected so this is not a major concern for us. So all I am doing is actually adding a note for the agents.

  • Zac

    It would be awesome if this was supported at the server level. It would really simplify some elements of content management, and be more secure than hiding content with JS (right now, it makes the most sense simply to use the hidden comment to refer the agent to another article as Colin suggested).

  • Lou Abigail Menard

    Hi, the suggestions in this thread is too technical for me but not sure if this is the same concept I am raising :

    I think it will be helpful to have a function like an "Internal comment or note" when creating articles, which will not be visible to readers once the article is published. It will only be visible to the writers while on edit mode of the article...

    Not sure if I make sense, but this can serve as an internal reminder in case there will be a different editor/writer who will touch/revise an existing article.

    An example internal note (invisible on a published article) would be like this:

    "Note - please verify with the Product Manager if these items listed in the table are still valid for this latest version. Otherwise, please update."

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Thanks to Nicole for pointing here from another user comment. This is a request which I have been making for years.

    It is a specific case of a general principle that ZD seems now to have accepted but not yet embraced... that ANY substantive setting which an agent/admin can change should have place for writing comments notes. Documentation / explanation is a crucial part of any endeavor, and if we can only locate such documentation somewhere which is disconnected from the work, then (a) it's less likely to happen and (b) it's more likely to get stale and not be referred to.

    In this particular case, the types of internal notes that one wants to write include (just at quick off-the top):

    * Still need to clarify the following points.

    * Be sure to remove XX when YY

    * Half-written but need to post now.

    * Should be combined with ZZZ.

    Good to be reminded that there are JS hacks that can serve this function, but that's at best a poor substitute for the built-in capability.

  • Mike Ladd

    Hi, I would like to support the request for internal comments, we have a growing documentation resource that we want our whole team to help review and update. In some cases an actual edit is not the right option and a quick comment with the ability to mention and notify someone in your comment would be extremely useful,


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for that feedback, Mike. 

  • Lou Abigail Menard

    Hi all,

    I came back to this post to see any updates on the functionality of hiding contents in published mode, but visible to agents/managers/editors only in "Edit mode".

    Sample of notes to be hidden:  "Notes: Please cofirm this info with Product Manager."

    I'm able to make this functionality work using Colin's suggestions above. Thanks a lot Colin.

    It was too technical for me before being new in Zendesk then, but since I have been using ZD for a year now, I'm now able to follow some technical suggestions.


  • Dovile Janule
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    We are doing research around various customer needs related to how they might user variables (sometimes called placeholders) in Guide Content. Specifically we'd like to hear more about how you and your organisation would use features like: Frequently used names, contextual information, placeholders and formatted snippets, inline images, etc.

    If you're interested in this research and would like to share your opinion, please fill out this form.


    Guide team.

  • Michelle

    I would really like to see the option to have internal notes/comments added to Zendesk Guide. Not looking for anything fancy, just a place somewhere in the right edit bar to leave comments that can be viewed while in edit mode. Many of the articles I write cover similar topics and when we update our product multiple articles may need to be updated at the same time. Having a way to look at comments in edit mode of the article where I could simply list related articles would save me soooo much time. 

  • Theodore Wolf

    +1 for this idea!

    We currently coordinate with our B.A.'s an internal article that only employee's see, then convert that to an external article that customers will see. It would be nice to have both an external and internal article exist on the same page! 

    That way, when logged in agents view the article, they could see extra troubleshooting steps (or info) that the customer doesn't necessarily need to see.

  • Kelly Ngo

    This is such a great idea! This would make content management so much easier, and help us to achieve our goal of managing a single knowledge base.

    Our philosophy is that we push as much content as we can to our external knowledge base, and where there may be confidential info, we have that restricted to internal. We find that we're often managing two articles.

    This idea would help to remove that limitation.



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