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  • Garrick Rohm

    Hi Wolfgang,

    We're working on a public article to address this issue, but in the meantime let me reach out to you in a ticket to address this with you.

  • Matthew Dunn
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Krystallia,

    It sounds like this may be a permissions issue. Can you go to the "Permissions Helper" in JIRA and do the following:

    For the user-> enter the default reporter you've used for the JIRA integration
    For the issue-> Pick an issue under a project you're hoping to be able to link to
    For the permission-> run a check for "Create issue" and "Edit issue"

    If you see any red flags then try adding the missing permissions and then rerun the tests until you get all green.

    Once you've confirmed the default reporter has all the appropriate permissions check to see if the missing projects are appearing.  If you're still having issues let us know as your issue might require a more in depth investigation.

  • Krystallia

    Hello Matthew,

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately all the permissions were green but still the projects are not available in Zendesk.

    Hope to hear from you soon about the investigation in depth we are going to run.

  • Matthew Dunn
    Zendesk team member

    I'm sorry to hear that didn't resolve your issue.  I'm going to create a ticket so we can look into this further.  I'll see you in the ticket shortly.

  • Justin Verhulst

    Hi Matthew,

    I'm having a similar issue to this. Since Monday we have seemingly broke our integration between Zendesk and JIRA. The Project List from JIRA OnPremise and Story Type list are no longer populating, but I'm able to associate the ticket if I create the story ID in JIRA first and attach it manually.


    I have applied the security permissions to our main user in JIRA.

    We have tried everything we can think of to get it back up without completely recreating the integration in JIRA. Any help would be appreciated!


    Justin Verhulst

  • Justin Verhulst

    I'm going to submit a Request as I have read multiple articles that are similar and it seems to help to simply work through it with you instead. Thanks,

  • Rich Lorenzo


    Can somebody please let me know if there are plans to support JIRA Data Center? Currently the app is not compatible with the version of JIRA that my company is using.



  • Klaus Gotthardt

    Hello, @Rich Lorenzo,

    We are currently not in the process of developing a Jira Integration that works with the Jira Data Center.


  • Johanne Leveille-Schirm

    we are having the opposite problem - we have projects where the permissions are restricted in JIRA but we can still open JIRA tickets against those projects via Zendesk (but we cannot directly in JIRA)




  • Scott Williamson

    Hi Johanne,

    This does sound directly related to permissions. I'm going to create a ticket so we can look investigate further for you.  I'll see you in the ticket shortly.

  • Wolfgang Montag

    Hi, same problem as Johanne.

    Our Jira user, which links to zendesk only has admin rights for 3 Projects in Jira, still he sees all projects.

    He cannot create tickets, cause the "reporter" field in jira is missing in all other projects, but he should only be able to see 3.

    @Scott, can u pls also help :)



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