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  • Ursel

    I definitely support the bullet point:

    • A type of field with colours, so that you can give your tickets various colour codes

    It would be very helpful to have the option to highlight (colour) customized ticket fields as this helps an organization with a high number of agents to keep an overview of the most important fields.


    Any update from your side about this dear Zendesk Team? :)

  • Zulq Iqbal

    Hi Zendesk.

    Please can we have a time element to the Date field. I will tell you my story...

    Imagine the scenario, We are a proactive service desk. We have specific customer charters running within the service desk that means we love to contact our customers as often as possible.

    So for a P1 severity ticket, we have set that we will call our customer on every update and post an update within the Zendesk ticket. If a customer does not respond to our update (lets say the last update was posted at 3pm) the ticket remains in a pending state for 1 day waiting for a response.  I have set an automation to change the status of that ticket from pending to open and therefore prompting my service desk team another call needs to be made to our customer. However, Zendesk will change that state not at 3pm the following day, but at midnight.

    Not a major issue I hear you say.....

    What if we are also measuring agent wait time VS requester wait time? By changing the state of my ticket at midnight, the requester wait time of that ticket has increased by 15 hours when actually it is my agent that has been waiting for 15 hours. As you can imagine, if this happens for every P1-P4 ticket our statistics for Requester wait time looks so skewed that it is almost embarrassing to share with my directors. Obviously I have explained the reason why our customers seem to be waiting so long before they get a ticket update but it would be very advantageous to us as a business to measure these key KPIs properly.

    Unless anyone out there has an alternative solution for me? Id be very happy for a quick call to discuss options.

    Im guessing all you need to do is provide an option to set a time with the date, or in fact a separate custom field for time and I can then use an automation to change the status of tickets based on the date and time setting.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    Best Regards

    Zulq Iqbal


  • Erin Boyle

    Hi Zulq,

    Have you considered using the condition "Hours since last update" instead of the custom date field for this purpose? Instead of setting a particular date, you would base it on the number of hours since you last asked them a question.

    That being said, we do want to add a time element in the future, but nothing is in the works just yet.


  • Zulq Iqbal

    Hi Erin,

    Thank you for your response.

    Its great to see that you guys viewing our posts :-)

    I have tried that method too but its having control of the time when we want to change the state of the ticket. So rather than having to work out how many hours away I want a ticket status to change, I can say for example tomorrow at 4pm. Just makes life a little bit easier for my Service Desk team because not every ticket will require the same level of agent response.

    Hopefully we will see a custom time field soon...

    Kind Regards



  • Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We're launching a beta for a Multiselect field type! It opens on March 31st. You can sign up here: 



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