Ability to manually reorder drop down lists (like macro's)


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    Kiran Max Weber
    Zendesk Product Manager


    My team has started to roll out a new Ticket Fields admin page which includes many improvements, including the ability to undo alphabetical order sorting and reorder field values using drag-and-drop.

    Check out No. 5 under Creating and editing ticket fields: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000657087.


  • Jake Holman

    Hi Geoffroy,

    Thanks for the suggestion - I'll be passing it on and will hope to let you know should the request be approved.

    Jake Holman
    Zendesk Support

  • Ian Armstrong

    Update on the possibility of this? 

  • Joshua VanDavier

    An update on this would be great. Coming from an organization where we use a lot of tags, this would be invaluable, especially if I needed to reorder a long list of 20+ tags in the same field. The best example would be payment statuses: we tag these for each ticket where a payment has been made for easy categorization later. If our processor were to add a new payment status (which has happened), I would have to delete all of the statuses and retype them, just to add one.

  • Pierre Merrien

    Dear Helpdesk,

    Why can't 'Ticket Fields' titles be reordered? I can sort field options alphabetically but not in the order I want (Random based on product type/priority) There doesn't appear to be any continuity throughout as other areas have the ability to do this, so why not here.

    E.g; If I want to add another title which needs to appear in a specific place, I have to re-add all entries below it... This is so it appears in the correct order within the 'Views' I.E; 'Enquiry' drop-down.

    This also effects the internal field ID's with the Custom SLA triggers we'd set-up (approx 75) because the title fields have been moved down, thus effecting many crucial field Triggers.

    I've attached some screen-shots for your perusal.

    I can't stress how important this is as these triggers are for managing our workflow for our Data Centre customers, amongst many others.

    Kind regards,


  • Sean Cuevas

    I'd like to see this too. Our about field has over 100 options and keeping it neat while expanding it takes over an hour especially since the tags created by the name need to be edited slightly. 

  • Simon van de Westerlo

    I realy need this since I want our newest software version on top, I have to remove the complete list to add one, that's very much work !

  • Leo James

    Is this feature request being considered please?  It is needed by a lot of people and for a long time it seems.  Is quantification of the need diluted by the fact that people request this in multiple threads?  Examples:

    Please please please can you implement this basic functionality?!

  • Erin Boyle

    Hi Leo,

    It's definitely something we would like to do - we know it's needed.  That being said, it's not on our immediate roadmap, so I have not marked this as planned.  We're working hard on a lot of improvements right now, and just can't take this on at the moment.  But I assure you we are aware of this need and have had multiple conversations about how to address it.  We'll let you know when we are able to get this designed and scheduled.


  • Mike West



    Any update on this feature request?  We have nested drop down menus with several selection options, and any additions require most of them to be deleted and recreated in the desired order.  It's very time consuming.




  • Sylvain Laiguillon - iHealth

    I see that reorder the drop down list has already been requested 6 years ago and it is not available yet?

    Does it worth that I request the same thing also?...

    Please even if it's not the most important thing to improve, after 6 years it would be fine to add this request in your roadmap


  • Zarina Bhimani

     Yes, please add this - it looks like people have been requesting it for 6 years now,. How many more need to request to get Zendesk to listen? This is a critical feature for us.

    We are supporting a software product (as are, I suspect many of Zendesk's customers). The most important custom question is what version of the software the customer is using. We want the most recent version at the top of the list, as 70% of our customers are using one of the 3 most recent versions. As we have 2 releases a year, we have about 28 different version numbers. I don't want customers scrolling through 28 software releases dating back to 1995 before finding the one that they want.

    A couple of times a year I need to add a new version which will be the highest number. If you can't add custom re-ordering, at least allow numeric sorting in both ascending and descending order as this would also meet our needs.

    I notice this was first raised 6 years ago. Any Update?

  • .max

    Please add manual reordering. It's such an obvious and natural feature. I have to copy-paste titles and tags for a dozen of items just to add a new item in the middle. My items are manually sorted by request popularity, not alphabetically.

  • Rachel Sherman

    Please, please allow me to sort the drop-down lists - it will make life so much easier for both me and my agents!

  • Tab McDaniel

    Another vote for drag & drop reordering. Like .max, we need to be able to sort based on popularity.

  • Chris Reed

    Another vote for drag and drop reordering. Really need this to make tagging more efficient.

  • Safaa

    I also want to order it manually , it' like the sort checbox is not working correctly 

  • Renee Butcher

    We need to be able to reorder drop down lists in custom fields as well.  Please!

  • Peter Broomhall

    This is very frustrating that there is no option for this. Rebuilding a list if you need to make a change is very frustrating.

  • Peter Broomhall

    You should also build in a way to import in a spreadsheet for these list as well

  • Ben Bond

    I would really like to see this too as we have a very complex hierarchy of field options. Some are sorted alphabetically and some are a custom sort order. We are constantly adding and removing options as we tweak the way our support desk staff log tickets. 

    We also have reporting set up based on combinations of ticket fields and every time you change or re-position one (without alphabetising) it messes up our reports.

    The alphabetise function is useless if you have several tiers of field option and you want to rearrange just one subset. Using it causes ALL of your Field options to reorder. 

    I am surprised that with this many people requesting this function you still haven't showed any sign of adding it for us. Surely it can't be that complicated to implement? 

  • Jamison Wright

    Please add my vote as well.  I'm just in the middle of creating mine and already consider it crucial.

  • Alberto Bencivenni

    When you add product version the bigger one must be on top. Currently we have a lot of versions in the list and customers need always to scroll many pages.

    Please add a reverse order checkbox to the settings!!!

  • Temy Mancusi-Ungaro

    This is kinda crazy that this relatively minor request has been outstanding for over 6 years!  You have reorder on other pages--how big a deal would it be to add it to this page?   The order of options in a drop down seems like a pretty big thing in terms of controlling user experience.  It's also pretty standard for any forms product?

  • Andrew Schreiner

    I was able to get something working here.

    When editing the dropdown field, I used Chrome developer tools to click on and drag the fieldset tags to where I wanted them then when I saved, they stuck and now my list is in a manual order!

  • Megan

    Not being able to manually reorder ticket fields is driving me nuts! I make the changes manually by removing and re-adding, then only half the changes save and I have to start all over! 

    Please, please get on to this. Would be such a huge time saver.

  • Laurie Lamberth

    Why is this feature request which was acknowledged seven years ago not in production yet?  Not being able to reorder drop-down lists fields is ridiculous!  Fix this!  Please!!

  • Kari Madden

    I completely agree with the comments above - it's pretty crazy that such a simple functionality has been missing for over 7 years. I understand it probably won't win new business, but it'll remove a huggge headache for users!

  • Mendy Shallman

    Re-Order Please!

  • Sarah Knoell

    We would benefit greatly from the ability to re-order!



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