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  • Brian Collins
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    ^^ Actually, the modal is now working for me in Chrome, but the go back is still not working. However, one can just reload the apps for this same functionality. :) 

    Thanks again! 


  • Jan Jambor
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    Hey Brian, Hi Jeff

    I had a similar issue some days ago: in Firefox the app side bar was not shown at all. only when you reload the page it was shown. Now it is working perfect, I have seen that Zendesk had some issues here (

    Maybe it's the best idea to open a support ticket to get this analyzed when you are still having issues.


  • Sarah Kounnou
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    I agree with basically everyone on this ticket, that goes back 5 YEARS!! We must be able to delete attachments in order to be PCI compliant. We may have to move to another provider such as as they allow this and have an audit to show when an attachment has been deleted. This permission can and should be restricted to administrators. 

    Please advise, thanks.

  • Pulse
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    I agree with Sarah ^^

    How can this be that it's a 5 year old feature request and it's still only marked as "Planned"?

  • Clay Miner
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    Hi All,

    This is now possible with the new Zendesk Redaction App.  This is a Zendesk Labs app that can be found by searching 'redaction' in the Apps marketplace in Zendesk.  This app allows you to remove text strings or attachments from tickets. Alternatively you can use the redaction API to do this too. 

    Check them out!






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