Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation

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  • Jeremy Heath

    Ok no problem


    Ill keep looking. thx

  • Yoram Dagan


    I managed to overcome this issue by using forwarding rules.

    I have an operational agent which I use for general actions such as that.

    I schedule the report/dashboard to be set to him and add forwarding rules in this user inbox to forward this report to any end-user.


    This also works of forwarding to mailing groups, so if a few people need the same report/dashboard, you can set your forwarding rule to a mailing group.


    Hope that helps


  • Alon Hodir

    @Avi Is there an option to send an email to the Cc as soon as the ticket is created?

    Currently, the Cc is email only when there is a respond to the ticket.

  • Kate Lim

    Hi @Kristen,

    Would there be any updates regarding this feature?

    - Kate

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @Kate, there is no further update at this time. While we're are making progress on some foundational functionality, this feature per se is not currently on the roadmap, and I do not have an estimate of if and when it will be.

  • Avi Warner

    @alon unfortunately not that I can figure out :/ 

    The app works by adding CCs via target as the ticket is created, but by the time your 'Notify Requester of Received Request' trigger, or the internal triggers that notify CCs fire, the CC isn't yet in place. 

  • Brian McGinley

    I know there seems to be movement on this feature as recently as last year, but it is so disheartening that this feature request is over 9 years old and still hasn't come to light. My only fear is when you finally do get the option in place it will be at the low low price of $25 per user per month for the rest of our lives...


    That all being said, We really could use this feature for all the reasons stated above. I have Organization leaders who want to know all of the tickets their team is submitting and if they could be triggered as a CC, it makes this more fool proof than having to circle back every time. 

  • David Andrews


    Avi created that feature. It is a $5 one-time fee. You can get the app here

    If you would also like to generate read receipts when your customers open their email, you can get this app:



  • Brian McGinley

    David, Thank you! Purchased it.  

  • John Witt

    I'll admit I have not read all the replies, but I came up with a kludge that works and adds CC emails if you have access (not sure what subscription level uses Notify Targets).

    - Go to Admin; Settings; Extensions.

    - Create a new HTTP target.

    - URL:{{}}.json

    - Method: PUT

    - Content Type: JSON

    - Enable basic authentication. I use my username/password (password is hidden) but I have not tried using an API token instead. I don't think admin is needed and though the user access was enough, but it failed without this.

    - Click "Update Target" at bottom right and submit.

    Now create a trigger with your required parameters and for actions choose "Notify Target" using the target you created above. For the JSON add the following:


       "request": {
            "email_ccs": [
                { "user_email": "","action": "put"},

                { "user_email": "","action": "put"}


    You can add more CCs, but remember if you have just one to remove that comma.

    I'd recommend you do step-testing first. For example, replace the {{}} with a real ID and instead of update use "Test Target" and paste your JSON. Look at the result and make sure the email CC is updated and then check the ticket CC to ensure the API PUT is working. If that works works, "Update Target" and create a Trigger that updates that Ticket, this time with a different email address to ensure the Trigger is running the API PUT. If that works, update the target back to {{}} and update your Trigger back to the correct parameters and emails addresses.


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing this alternative John!

    This is great :)

  • Uriel Flores

    Any update on this?

  • Christian Henkel

    Is there any way to realize an general CC to all send tickets with the essential plan?

    John's alternative seems to be working only with the team plan. The tool of Avi is throwing an error when I try to install: Ressource ist missing. 

  • Gasper Jubani

    We also badly need this feature. We use Zendesk for internal support and need to be able to set rules to auto Cc folks based on what email address the ticket was received.

  • Avi Warner

    @Christian, that’s right, I’m not sure my app will work on Essential plan. If you were able to purchase, please reach out to me via email and I can help w a refund.

    @Gasper, take a look at my app (Carbon Copier), it should be able to take care of that use case.

  • Rob Wentz

    John Witt - 

    Thanks for posting your kludge. I'm trying this and will report back if it works out for us. 


  • 이지훈

    I have seen an update to the CC section as follows:

    However, this update does not include updates to automation or triggers that can include end users in the CC.

    Does Zendesk have an update plan on this?

  • Avi Warner

    Quick note, my app (Carbon Copier) does not work with the new Followers feature. I'm working on an updated version compatible with both, but please don't install right now if you have activated Followers. Thanks!



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