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  • Brett Fairbourn
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    I need to assign 120ish organizations to one of four groups.  I'd love to go through the organizations four times, checking the ones I need on each pass, and make four assignments, as opposed to editing each of the organizations individually.

  • Darren McCabe
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    ok so I just posted a similar question on the forum as we have thousands of users we would like to delete.  I was advised to post the request for "bulk user deletion" on the feedback forum.

    Kind of disheartening that there is already a request here and it's almost 10 years old :(

    For what it's worth I think having to manually delete users 1 by 1 is ridiculous in 2019. Also please for goodness sake dont say "you can use the API".  Thats a work around and not a solution, also the API only allows 100 users to be deleted at a time too.

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi all - 

    A quick update: I've received word from the product team that they plan to address this issue in 2020. 

    We don't have specifics or ETAs yet, but we will continue to update this thread as details become publicly available. 

    Thank you for all of your feedback!

  • Jeff Guyette
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    Sigh. While it's great that the Product team is finally addressing this, we'll have migrated away from Zendesk to another platform in mid-2020 and thus not be able to take advantage of this sort of advancement in basic system management. :( 

    Nicole, I appreciate your update, and if I were to provide you a bit of feedback to share with the Product team here in return, it would be that while it's nice that Zendesk has been making advances in so many other areas and expanding their suite of products, it sure would have been nice for your long-time clients and admins to have seen some of these much-needed improvements within your core system much sooner than we've witnessed here.  

    If this was the only instance we had experienced of this sort of extremely-extensive wait/development-time, we might be able to accept that perhaps the issue was simply difficult to tackle/solve. However, when we see this lack of movement on so many of the requests made to the team over the past many years...what other conclusions should we come to other than that they aren't interested in listening to us? 


  • Joseph London
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    The sad part of this is that Nicole has no control over what the developers deem important and not important. I am sorry Nicole that you have to provide an update on a ticket that will soon be celebrating it's 10th year of being alive. 

    It must be

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Joseph London

    I wouldn't say it's embarrassing, so much as just that I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix every single thing that our users need to make Zendesk work perfectly for them. I understand many of the pain points, and run into some of them myself in my own work using our products. I get you. 

    No feedback thread should ever have been allowed to go on for years. In an ideal state, we'd have a quick and easy way to summarize everything that gets discussed in the community, get a "yea" or "nay" on it from the product team, and communicate that back out to you within the space of a few months. But it doesn't work that way. 

    Since I began managing this community, my team has been working to implement processes that didn't exist before and resolve issues that have plagued this space for years, the most significant of those being that the product feedback process didn't scale and nobody did anything about it for many years. This is the reason so many of these threads lingered and never got acted on.

    When our community launched 10 years ago, it was smaller, our company was smaller, and we had just one product. It was pretty reasonable at the time to create a single feedback topic in the community, ask all of the product managers to subscribe to the notifications, and expect them to read and respond to everything that came in. A few dozen posts a month garnered insightful feedback that could fairly quickly be implemented in the product, or that PM's could explain their logic for not doing and offer a handy workaround. 

    As all of that grew and expanded, it was never any one person's job to oversee that process and make sure that everything was getting read and responded to, much less that new product managers and teams knew that they were supposed to be subscribing and reading through all of this. 

    Fast forward ten years where that original process hadn't changed at all, but we have dozens of teams worldwide and receive thousands of feedback requests per month, and you can see where a few things may have slipped through the cracks (or fallen into pits of despair, as the case may be) for extended periods of time. 

    We still have a handful of these threads that should have been dealt with years ago but weren't. I'm working with our Voice of the Customer team to finally get some of these on the roadmap with product teams (this this request - hooray!) or get a final, reasoned "no" from the product team and put them to rest. 

    There's more work to be done on better managing the ways we receive, make decisions about, implement, and communicate about product feedback. But we have made progress, and are continuing to work toward a much better customer experience. 

    In the meantime, my team and I will continue to do our best to advocate to the product teams on your behalf and communicate back to you anything we hear about these requests. If you have a managed account with a Success representative or Account Executive, I encourage you to share your product feedback with them as well as in the community.

    Thank you all for your feedback, and for participating in the Zendesk Community. 



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