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  • Justin Graves

    This would certainly be helpful for us as well.

  • Gibson, Trudy

    We also have a need for multi options fields.  On our ticket forms we need our customer to define their audience type and one or many selections are valid (and frequent).

  • Matt

    Old thread, but add your vote here if you still need this?


  • Jake Holman

    I'd recommend keeping the conversation in this thread. The one mentioned by Matt is great, but it's a little broad.

    Multiple option fields is something we've been hearing a lot about. We would really like to hear about how you would use multiple option fields. For example, how would you expect Triggers and Views to interact with such a field?

  • Matt

    Here's ouse use case....

    In our case we would like the multi select to be check boxes..... i.e. 'which area of the application was this customer having problems with' (and the ability to tick multiple options), but they must select at least one.

    The problem (as I see it) with just creating multiple bolean ticket fields and putting them on a ticket form, is that we can't make 'at least one selection' mandatory.

    Is this included in the above requests / and or does anyone know how to achieve (if I'm a newbie and it can already be done?)

  • Derek Kiely

    I need a multi select check box so that customers can select which applications they are using and if their application is not listed they can then add the application via a text field. 


    This also needs to be available for agents. 

  • Scott Abbey

    For the purpose of our data and analysis, we want to tag internally what issues the customer has. This could be a multi issue ticket. For example a customer has received a faulty item (tag - faulty) it was sent via the Ecom side of the business as opposed to store level. (tag - ecom) and then the refund has still not been processed (tag - refund) .

    The second tag I can use automatically through an end user drop down field, but the first and third tags (faulty and refund) would be added by the agent having read their ticket. 

    Currently, the drop down will allow them to choose one or the other and then manually add the other to the tag field on the ticket.

    I'm surprised this field doesn't exist as a lot of businesses will have tickets containing multiple issues.

  • Alexis Fabre Ringborg

    +1 Multi-select drop-down menu

    Each selected option would add the related tag and this would allow a more accurate reporting

    Best regards,

  • Daniel Mee

    +1 to this request. I'd like to use this to sort tickets by 1. the features of our software that are involved and 2. the components of our hardware platform that are involved. These can both have multiple values for a single ticket. 

    As far as interacting with Views and Triggers, it seems as if a simple drop-down with these items would be sufficient on that side. If I wanted to match more than one (definitely a possibility) I could just use the "match any" option. 

  • Sam Mosher

    +1. We are attempting to support an Onboarding process for employees and need something similar so a user can select which services they need access to, instead of having 20 checkboxes that make the form super long.

  • Areez Gangji

    +1 here as well. We want to use form fields to more effectively track upsells and cross sells that our sales and support teams identify and present to our customers. Right now, they can only identify one when there might be multiple opportunities. Our other choice is to make the form gargantuan

  • Steven Pitchford

    +1 here. We have a system which allows users to have multiple subscriptions of different types, though most users have just one. Whilst we could use tags, or try to have zendesk connecting live to our servers to view the customer in real time, having a multiple select field of the customer state when the ticket was raised seems far more appropriate - we can then have two multiple select fields - one for active subscriptions, another for past subscriptions. So if a customer is currently on a red subscription, they could be labled "red" on the import multiple select, but if they used to have a "green" and "blue"  plans, the second multiple select field could have "green" and "blue" - which seems to be far better from an agents perspective to be represented by two fields rather than just cluttering up the tags field with sillyness such as "green_live" and "green_dead"...

    It appears to me that from a Zendesk perspective, the provision of sets of enumerations defined within zendesk that this facilitates would seem to me to encourage developers to import facts via the API - leaving the natural place for more business logic regarding the routing of tickets in zendesk, which would make zendesk more sticky as it's unlikely to be the same people setting up the routing rules as populating data using the API - and the the more effort your customer has put into defining automation rules, the less likely they are to leave a ticketing system... It'd also cause less issues for customers at the start of a zendesk implimentation project, and I'd imagine, reduce your customer churn...

    Seems to me like it's in Zendesks interest to let developers dump accurate snapshot data into zendesk via the API, without running into issues like Zendesk failing to import a relatively basic data structure like enumerations...

  • John Melton

    +1 and as many more as I could add from our community.

    Please add this feature, it's bothersome to leave similar, and cheaper, products and not have such basic functionality that we came to expect from those resources.

  • Gibson, Trudy

    We still need this!

  • Mike Schepker

    We would love this as well. We have premium support customers and would like to create an org field that designates who the rep is. Sometimes the customer has multiple reps. Having a multi-select field for this would come in very handy. We could then use Meet Any section to say:

    if ticket is created

    Meet Any

    premium support is agent 1 
    premium support is agent 2

    Notify agent 1
    Notify agent 2

    Yes, we can technically do this with tags right now (and do) but tags do not have an elegant interface and can become unmanageable pretty quickly. Being able to just set a field instead of worrying about adding the correct tag would be so much better. 

  • Jacob Bockelmann

    3+ years and there's still no multi-select field type? Crazy.

    My use cases are already described above.

    I'd think this would be an exceptionally easy feature to ship. Admin UI for configuration would be essentially the same as the Drop-down field type. For the agent interface it'd be a standard multi-selector with each option adding or removing a corresponding tag to the ticket.

    Please make this happen.

  • Yuko

    +1 - need multi-select field, please!

    Here's our use case:

    We're using the form for internal employees + vendors and one of the forms is an "access request" to gain access to one of IT owned systems.

    In order to grant them with correct permission, we need to know what their campaign target is - e.g. B2B, B2C, or even admin access.

    But sometimes, some people's targets are multiple - e.g. B2B and B2C.  

    We want to ask a question of "What is your campaign target?" and we want people to be able to select whatever campaign targets that apply for their situation.

    Checkbox makes the form very long (and we're striving to shorten our form) because I have to ask "Check if you are running campaigns for B2B" and again for B2C, etc.

  • Nagle, Josh

    +1 Multi-select drop-down menu

  • Nik Petrov


  • Scott Abbey

    Hi ZD

    You will see I originally added my update to this new thread in July 2014 and this thread was an off-shoot of another thread with requests from 2012 for this option.

    It's odd that given I get regular updates from my account manager, about all kinds of things, that such a simple request like this from the customer's end (that appears to be something many companies want) is still out in the pasture grazing.......

    What is the major difficulty with incorporating this option into the back-end from your side of things? There are VERY few updates from any monitor of this group. 

    Please could someone take ownership, be proactive and actually look at what your customers are requesting?

    Cheers :)



  • Kelly Radochia

    We need multi select drop down as well

  • Dave

    +1 - This is such a core functional need for any system...

  • Paulus Indra Salim

    +1 again..

    Really need this!

  • Suzan Zangana


    I would also find this very useful!

  • Mary Thomasson

    +1 for this.  Our use case is that we need to track languages that are requested for translation.  Several languages can be requested at one time.  Since there are about a hundred possible languages, setting up a check box for each one would be an excessively time consuming task, as well as cluttering up the form area.

    No triggers or automations would be based off of this field, but we would want all selections to tag the ticket for reporting purposes.  We realize that we can manually tag tickets, but this is clunky and a pick-list field would be much better.

  • Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We're launching a beta for a Multiselect field type! It opens on March 31st. You can sign up here: http://goto.zendesk.com/multiselectbeta 




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