Conditional ticket forms based on organization

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  • Simone Pace


    As for *Julie Monk's *request, we also need to be able to Show different forms to different end-users and we should use tags rather than organizations to differenciate them.

  • Nicolas Bergeron

    Hi Nicole,

    thanks for following up on my comment.

    Same as the above, depending on the organization of the requester (i.e. based on the fact the end user belong to a specific organization), i would like to be able to offer a specific form. The main reason behind it may be:

    - this is one of my legacy customer with an on-premise installation; more information would be required at the time of the ticket submission, for example i would want to know if the request is specific to a specific environment (Prod, Dev, QA) which is something irrelevant for my Saas Customer - i know i could have a selection box (cloud vs on-premise) but it would be one additional click and also will not be based on the organization of the end-users

    - another example, i might want to have a dedicated form my "internal" organization, i.e. end-user of my organization and offer a different form to them with a different form -- i am a bit on the fence for this one as it might be something i can do under a dedicated brand and therefore form.

    Maybe it is a discussion around best practice implementation and specific use case.

    Thank you,


  • Gil Gerstl

    The ability to show end-users different forms based on their organization is essential for us to be able to use Zendesk with various customers.

    We are a technological vendor working with both integrators and direct customers (enterprise). We would like to be able to create unique forms for the different organizations in a way that a customer (end-user) from a particular organization can not create a ticket using the form an end-user from a different organization can.

    The main incentive is creating unique drop down fields for each organization with the particular systems' names at the various locations and one customer should not be aware of the other's systems.

  • Lester Madden

    +1 to this too.


  • Gerard Millar

    To Quote Gil

    'The main incentive is creating unique drop down fields for each organization with the particular systems' names at the various locations and one customer should not be aware of the other's systems.'

    100%....  This is exactly what we need too.

    This could be done multiple ways. Have forms "mapped" to organisations. Or have certain fields within a form visible to 1 or many organisations. Either one would work for us.

  • Anders RAVNSBÆK

    When i heard about this feature i automatically assumed that custom forms would be possible to specific customers.

    I have made some promises to customers that i will not be able to fulfil. Stupid me for assuming this, i have completely misunderstood the intend of this.

  • Mike Dugan

    I need to be able to allow access to specific ticket form based on a tag.  We want our early access customers (tagged with "eaXX") to open tickets using our EA Program form and do not want all of our customers to be able to see this ticket form. 

  • Paul Leverett

    " I haven't marked this request as "Planned" yet simply because it won't be addressed until 2014" (@Erin)

    Note to self: Don't use greater than / less than symbols for quotes in the forum as the text gets hidden!

  • Saikiran Sakaray

    is it not in the roadmap or Zendesk is not compatible. If the organisation does not take customer requirement on priority what is the use of developing new things ? Its been a long wait and still there is no answer on why it is not considered. The support team does not know how to guide and the development team does not know what is priority.

  • Julie Monk

    A way to restrict which end users can see which form would be great for us as well. We offer a SaaS and On Premises version of our software and require different information from clients based on which version they use.

    For our SaaS users we don't need to know things like product release, OS and they have an additional module which is not available to OP users. For OP users we often need to know the specific release they're using as well as their OS, version of Office etc... 

    Being able to present the end users with a form tailored for the version of our software they use would be great. Given the choice they often choose the wrong thing and then complain that they don't understand why they have to provide this information or what these options are (because they're not applicable).

    This could be done by organization or by tag (we tag the orgs to show Agents if they're using SaaS or OP and which OP modules they have).

  • Terry Knox

    The ability to limit which forms are available depending on customer-base is a must for us if we're going to get the most out of the new ticket forms feature. I'd rather see it limited by tags than by organisation, but the principle is the same.

    We have two distinct customer groups. Group One needs lots of in-depth technical support and Group Two mostly needs basic non-technical customer support. It'd be great to have forms helping to gather specific technical details for Group One, but we wouldn't want those to show for Group Two.

  • Erin Boyle

    Hi Anders,

    I'm sorry the feature didn't meet your expectations.  This is functionality we would like to add - e.g. the ability to restrict which ticket forms are displayed based on the organization of the end-user.  I haven't marked this request as "Planned" yet simply because it won't be addressed until 2014, but it is a feature I've started to spec out.


  • Gil Gerstl

    Hi Erin,


    As mentioned above, this feature is critical for our ability to support our full customer base through Zendesk and will be greatly appreciated.

    Please keep us posted as soon as you have an ETA.



  • Robbie

    This would be very useful. Similar to how you can make sections on your help centre viewable by organisation or tag.

  • Lester Madden

    Currently I have to maintain 2 separate Zendesk instances to work around this. 

    It is somethings that you are working on?

  • Michael Garrett

    Why this wasn't implemented when ticket forms was released dumbfounds me...At least on the organisation level you should be able to lock ticket forms to them...


    How far off are we on getting something like this done? 

  • Francis Dupont



    I have a similar case as Julie and this would help us to create specific form depending on our client contract and offer we give them.


    @Erin:  We are now in 2014! Yeah!  Having conditional forms as we have conditional fields would help us to address specific needs based on the product our client bought.

  • James Taylor

    +1 We just need conditional ticket form fields.  It's a complex form - If select 'Drop-Down A' then chose to enter more information related to Drop-Down A e.g. List B, number, text...  If select 'Drop-Down B' then enter in details relative to Drop-Down B.....  Is this on the roadmap?

  • Sarah

    I'll add my 2 cents worth as well, we want to be able to show a ticket form specific to an end user's organisation.  

    @Erin - Is there any update on when this kind of functionality will be available?

  • Lester Madden



    FYI - I had exactly the same requirements. We wanted to be able to show forms to users based on their organization.

    I found a developer to do the work for a few hundred dollars. We now manage what forms a user can see based on tags on their org via a Google doc. 

    I can pass the developer details on to you if you want them. Feel free to Skype me: lestermadden (just tell me who you are when you add me)


  • Graham Robson

    Hi Folks,

    CloudSET ( has this already has this covered as a fully supported product, as part of our Basic Apps Pack, which includes CloudSET Conditional Fields -

    See attached screenshot shows a conditional field being controlled by a organization definition. This is achieved using an App for the agent interface and a widget for the Help Center, both of which are configurable using a business level tool embedded with Zendesk.






  • Filipe Santa-Clara


  • Simon van de Westerlo

    +1 Why Cloudset and not default in Zendesk ?

  • Terry Knox

    As a user of both, I think that the Zendesk Conditional Fields App is easier to use, but the CloudSET solution also includes dependent value fields functionality, which makes reporting easier and prevents you having to create hundreds of additional fields.

    For small jobs, I'd go with the ZD app, for big jobs, I'd use CloudSET.

    Maxime: any plans for Zendesk to develop their own dependent value fields app?


  • Michelle Jacobson

    Any update on when this feature will be available???  We have several different divisions in our company and our end users need to see different forms based on organization or better yet, tags.  The different forms with conditional fields is the main reason we signed up for Zendesk but not having this feature seems like a huge oversight.  

  • Dani Werner

    This is definitely a feature we need as well, with the ability to show only one form to users not signed in as well.

  • Jamie P

    We need this as well. We have a number of end users who require specific values for things priority and severity.

  • Paul Leverett



    Happy New Year! Any news on this in 2015??

  • Brian Noble

    This feature would be helpful for us too.  Any updates?

  • Jared

    Ticket Forms by Groups would be better for us.

    We have specific groups within our organization that service tickets.



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