Extend permissions to article level


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  • Justin

    Agreed. It creates a weird workflow to move articles in and out of forums. Most of the time, we create new articles in draft mode prior to making them live. Then we distribute that link for review or just to give our internal folks a heads up. This created a problem because draft-mode articles can only be seen by administrators. The only other solution is to make some sort of "staging" forum but that's really clunky. It would make more sense to be able to control permissions per article.

  • Kait Sweetman

    Seconded. Often, we only have one article that needs to be customized for a particular organization that we work with within one section. Creating a duplicate section and then making new permissions for that section is extra work, and it is then difficult to keep both sections up-to-date and synchronized.

    Having the ability to permission at the article level would allow us to keep our sections in-tact while also allowing effective customization for the organizations we serve.


  • Josh Clayton

    Ditto.  This is our single biggest pain point with Zendesk Help Center and the reason I've been asked to research alternatives.  This addition would keep us here for good.

  • Diana Cerame

    +1 to this to help keep it alive. We definitely need this as we have several different products that we offer to our customers, and creating a new section for each product to make sure articles are permissioned properly is tedious and looks unprofessional when a client has access to multiple products.

  • Shai Simchi

    Same here. Would be great to get this functionality. 
    Can someone from the Zendesk product team please comment here? 
    Sounds like basic functionality that is missing. 


  • Elaine Dyjak

    Echoing the comments above.  Permissions at the article level would help keep the space cleaner, and easier to manage.

  • Bridget

    Upvoting. We need this ability

  • Christian Colding

    Hi all,

    We pretty much agree with you. The current access restrictions are too restrictive in many ways. We would also love to move the access restrictions down to an article level. Doing that is a massive task though. We have begun some of the initial vetting and research on how we could do this, but I have to be honest that the sheer size of changing this means that we definitely won't get to it in 2016.

  • Jim Aycock

    Permissions at the article level would help!

  • Dovile Janule
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    We are exploring how customer would like to set and manage article permissions to support different set of actions that agents can do. We would like to validate few ideas and prototypes with customers relating specifically to managing article permissions within Guide. This does not include end users.

    If you're interested, please sign up here. 

  • Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    This has just happened! More details here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001752908-Announcing-new-Guide-user-permissions



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