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    Ben Rohrs

    Hey everyone, we now offer Light Agents as an add-on to your subscription. Please contact us if you would like to try this for free on your account.

  • BradChiappetta

    I would also like to see this added as well, as we don't have a need for an Enterprise account, but would love to be able to set up light agents.

  • Jake Holman

    Sorry guys, at this time we have no plans to extend light agents out of Enterprise.

  • jeff

    Thanks for your reply Jake. I understand that you want a point of difference between plans, but you are missing a revenue opportunity in those other plans as well as offering a broader and better overall solution. And I don't see how this would take away from, or impact, your enterprise offering which bundles this capability.

    Our use case is this... we have a number of agents that we'd like to add that only need very limited and occasional access. It just doesn't make sense to add them as a full agent and we also don't want them communicating directly with customers. For example, the receiving guys who check in returns from customers or the techs that fix those returns. Reading an existing ticket and making an internal comment would be all they would ever need.

  • Steve Simitzis

    Hi, I also have a need for this, but for a different reason. I want to give access to our development team so they can see live data from customers. The access can be temporary and read-only.

    But I can't see any reason or why it's ethical for me to have to pay for a full agent license ($59 / month, not even pro-rated if I downgrade mid-cycle!) just so my designers and developers can build around live data.

    I really can't understand how you can justify this as a company. We trying to build an app that uses live data from Zendesk, and we're not going to get it right unless our product team can see what our customers are doing.

  • Row M

    Really would like to see this offered cannot justify upgrading to Enterprise it would over double our fees

  • Nathan Simon

    Why is ZenDesk afraid to offer this, if the customer is willing to pay a small monthly fee for a Free Agent on the lesser plans?  How can this request be submitted for someone to reconsider?



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