GoodData tip: Track your rate of repeat ticket submitters

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  • Michael Scarpelli

    This looks super awesome... but for some reason Gooddata doesn't like the metric MAQL when I move it over. Should I be able to just copy/paste it in? or do I need to build it piece by piece in their custom editor?

  • Andrea Saez

    This is a great idea! We track our top 10 most active customers. Every 2 weeks we send the list to the account managers so they can do any necessary damage control if needed :)

  • Jenny Feith

    Hi Michael,

    The "grey parts" of the MAQL can be copy/pasted - but all the attributes and metrics (in color) need to be selected from the elements tree on the right side.

    You can find a short walkthrough video here:

  • Michael Scarpelli

    Thanks! I had missed that the second metric is actually required to complete the first and was confused why I couldn't get a "# Submitters" metric. ;)

  • Reagan

    I can't find a fact in insights called "Submitters". Is it called something different now? I've found 'Submitter ID (Fact)' but I'm not sure fi that's the same thing.


    Michael, it doesn't look like you built this too long ago. Any help?

  • Michael Scarpelli

    When I log into GoodData and head into the Metric Editor, "Submitters" shows for me along the following path:


  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    If you have Insights, look for "Ticket submitter" instead of "Submitter."

  • Irene Poltronieri

    Thank you so much for this! Would anyone be able to suggest the custom metric I need if I want to see multiple tickets sent by the same submitter on the same day?

    In our use case, it's ok if people create multiple tickets over the course of a few months but if they create tickets on the same day, it suggests they emailed for the same issue and probably because they were impatient. Thanks!

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Create an additional metric:

    • # Tickets by Date Created

    Defined as:

    • SELECT # Tickets by Date (Ticket Created)

    Then modify the >1 Ticket Definition to:

    • SELECT (SELECT # Submitters  WHERE (SELECT # Tickets by Date Created by Ticket Submitter) >1) / #Submitters

    Now, just a little caveat. Submitter is not the same as requester. So, if you have many tickets created by Agents or interfaced tickets, this may give you unexpected results. It may be better to replace submitter references to User if that is an issue for you.



  • Irene Poltronieri

    Thank you so much for your reply, Graeme, this is super helpful! And yes, our Risk team creates tickets on behalf of customers and I noticed it impacts on the results :(..I'll try to modify with User! Thank you!

  • Jordan Wilson

    Hi there, 


    Can someone please show me a recipe equivalent for Zendesk explore? 


    Kind regards, 



  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Jordan Wilson,

    Currently, we don't have any native way to accomplish this in the Explore product in its current state. The product team is aware of this limitation and looking into future solutions at this time, and I would suggest posting your use case in our product feedback forums. This will allow us to understand your needs for this change and give our product managers insights on your ask. 

    Best regards. 



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