How often do reporting figures update?


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  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Chris!

    As a point of clarification, your Insights aren't typically going to update once per hour on the button; each update will start one hour after the last update is completed. If you have a lot of data that needs to be synced each update can take up to an hour and a half, and then the next update will start an hour after that's done. So you're not going to see new data at the top of each hour like clockwork in most cases.

    If you'd like, we can move into a ticket so we can discuss your Zendesk's specific load times to help you better understand what you're seeing. Just let me know!

  • Chris

    Yeah I may submit a ticket just to see.

    My impression was that it refreshed every hour, not at the top of the hour, but at an arbitrary time possibly chosen to balance the data demands on Zendesk.

    Aka our data would always update at 2:42, 3:42, 4:42, etc.

    It sounds like what you're saying is that there's a process -- taking up to 1.5 hours --- and when that's done we wait an hour. So worst case scenario, the data is refreshing every 2.5 hours. Doesn't sound quite right as my above post didn't reflect an update a bit over 2.5 hours, but I guess I can rely on the data updating between 1-3 hours ago.

    One suggestion I'd make --- can we data displayed like "Updated as of 2:16" somewhere in Insights? Actually, I guess I can create a dummy report that does that myself.

  • Colin Piper

    Chris, you can already see the updated time. In Insights, click on Manage and then Data Sets. The list shows when each data set was last updated. If you click on any individual data set you will see an update history also.

  • Chris

    Ah, thanks. Good to know. I did spend probably about 30 minutes creating a metric that takes the last update time of any ticket (we have about 100 tickets coming in an hour, and constantly being updated during business hours, so roughly accurate) - and converting that to clock time.

    I can probably throw that out here, though it's a long one.

    It was partially for my own knowledge, but also for other people viewing the Insights Dashboard, so I find it useful to have the 'last data update time' right there on the Dashboard. Fewer the clicks needed, the better, as they say. In fact I would prefer to have the Insights dashboard as the first page rather than Zendesk's pre-packaged Overview report, which is not as useful, but that's another matter. Thanks for the info.



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