[Request]: How to create a report +24 hs and +48hs


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  • Sarah Kay

    Hi Pablo,

    In order to report on SLAs, you will need to make some custom metric. There is a great article that outlines the process for creating SLA metrics based on First Reply Time. This report will allow you to look at how quickly your agents are getting to tickets and put those response times into various buckets for comparison.

    If you are looking to create a report that looks at tickets that have not yet been responded to, you may want to use an automation from within your Zendesk. You can set up an automation that looks at time since ticket creation in a certain status (for example "New" or "Open" for things that have not been replied to yet). This automation can then send you notifications about these tickets, or tag them or set a ticket field on them. You could use that tag or field value to set up a view where you can see all tickets that have not been answered in a given time frame since they were created. You can read more about using automations in Streamlining workflow with time-based events and automations!



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