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  • Ed
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    It's possible through a 'hack'. We've done it on

  • Brenda L.
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    Hi Ed,

    That's awesome! Would you mind sharing your hack?

    Also, it looks like your hack is universal - e.g. affects all topics. Do you know if it's possible to hack it so there's a different default view according to the topic? We'd like our Ideas topic to default to the "votes" view but our Troubleshooting topic to default to newest post.  

    Lastly - are you the CM for Dropbox? I'd love to talk to someone about your Super User program. :)


  • Ed
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    Sure - you can add a "'sort_by=recent_activity" to the href

    $this = $(this);
    $this.attr('href',$this.attr('href') + '?sort_by=recent_activity')

    and yes, I am :)

    Just sent you an invite to chat!



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