Is it possible to create a ticket against a user without emailing it to them?

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  • Spike

    Hi Matthew, you could probably do this by adding a tag such as "internal" that then you tell the trigger that sends email notices to ignore.  

    Attached is an example of my trigger for notifying requester of received request. See where I added a trigger contains none of the following...

  • Matthew Sampson

    Thanks for that, it should do what I want. I'll try it out next year.

  • Diane Albert

    yep...that's what we do too...

    we have a "do_not_contact" tag, and then any of our "email this person" triggers exclude that tag.  This way we can always slap the ticket under the user / org.

    I think i have a post somewhere that talks about using a "" - we moved away from that where ever possible.  The DNC is just so much nicer now that we have actual users for most of our accounts.



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