Google Voice fwd to Zendesk Voice - how can I successfully verify w/ Google?

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  • Brian Beck
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Jonathan,

    The best method to reduce the amount of wait time would be to completely remove any greeting you have for when a caller initially calls in. That way, the call should get to Zendesk faster.

    That said, the better method here may be to port the number into Zendesk so that you can have that number natively. If you'd like to discuss this possibility, feel free to send a ticket in to our support team so we can help you out with this.


  • JessicaS.

    Hi. Given porting can take 3-4 weeks... is there any update on forwarding Google Voice numbers in the meantime? I am having this same problem currently.

  • James Sanford

    Hey Jessica!

    In terms of reducing the timeframe for calls to be connected, Brian's advice to remove any additional greetings is still your best bet.  As this issue is a result of the message used by the forwarding party Zendesk has limited control over how this impacts call forwarding workflows.  It may be worthwhile to contact the forwarding party and see if it would be possible to allow a greater response time for these prompts to be completed.


  • John Welty

    The problem I have with porting my google voice number to Zendesk is that ZD provides no support for outbound MMS. I can't send attachments with text responses as I can with Google voice 

    Is there a Zendesk App that can integrate with google voice and allow for that without fowarding/porting?



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