Arabic Language in exporting Tickets

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  • Elliott B.

    Hello Ahmed, this appears to be a text encoding issue, and may be related to the program through which you are viewing the export file.

    I would like to get a few more details from you about your account and the export itself. I'll follow up with you in a ticket for that information!

  • Elliott B.

    If you're using Microsoft Excel to open our CSV files, this is likely the cause for trouble viewing certain languages and characters.

    Zendesk generates a standard UTF 8-encoded CSV files for exports such as this. However, Microsoft Excel is notorious for not being able to properly display many non-Western languages encoded in UTF 8.

    One workaround is to save in Google Sheets first. Navigate to, then start a new file. Select File > Open, and open your locally-saved document. Once it loads, save the file as an .xlsx file. Reload the .xlsx file in Excel, and characters should be displaying properly.

    If you still think your data might be corrupted, and you'd like to check, try opening the csv file in a program like Sublime Text or Atom text editor. These text editors can read all common (and many uncommon) encoding types. So if it's not displaying properly or failing to open through one of these programs, then there may actually be a problem with the file. 



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