Restriction on individual tickets or groups


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  • Sarah Ichord

    I would like to add that we also have a use case for this that would be great to see! In most cases we want our instance to be open, and for specific roles that we don't want to have access to Zendesk, we can do that today! 

    But we have 2 groups that sometimes will get tickets that contain sensitive information that we do not want other groups/roles to see - and the solution today is to just delete those tickets. 

    We'd like to not have to do that! Since we lose track of that information in Zendesk. We just want to make it so that it can be an open instance EXCEPT for 1 group of tickets only visible to agents in that group. 


  • CentralNic Group Plc

    Just to add to this as it seems although things may have changed over the past year, there are still ways (esp by simply using search) that if you know what to look for, you can easily find tickets that do not relate to your Group.

    FreshDesk is offering this, so it seems logical that Zendesk offers such an ability. Recent support replies have even hinted at setting up a second instance with data-share, that seems madness to me. The simplest of ticketing systems (say, OTRS) allow this so I'd say it needs to be something that's put into your sprints, if it isn't already!

  • Kris Karkoski

    +1 to this idea. As we have expanded our usage of Zendesk group management has become more and more of a burden. Like the original post, we want most of our agents to have access to the majority of tickets without needing to add them each time a group is added while having the ability to restrict some users to only specific groups.

  • dan

    Just +1'ing everyone else here.  This would be a helpful feature for us and it would be great to hear an update from the Zendesk team, since it has been a couple of years!

  • Kate Levins

    Adding my vote to this too, we need to restrict individual groups/tickets for HR/Payroll coming onboard and a separate instance isn't ideal for our use case. For all other teams/groups already in Zendesk it's not ideal to have them in 30+ groups or to not see all other tickets so we really need an option to restrict just one group rather than all.

  • Anthony DelCampo

    I'm glad to hear this is finally being worked on.  This should have been a fundamental restriction years ago.

    I see where you can provide permission by Group.  However, IF the Requester and the Agent are the same, the Requester/Agent can see the entire ticket and private notes. So "grouping" in this instance fails to protect any information in the ticket that the Requester/Agent should not see.

    The only way around this is to have a separate instance of Zendesk which becomes difficult to manage. 

  • Katrina Cain

    This would be useful we are in the same situation

  • Lisa Roskam

    Adding feedback that this is an essential feature for us. Due to GDPR regulations, tickets containing any personal data must be restricted to essential business needs based access. We could accomplish this using a "private group" feature. Thanks for any updates!

  • Gitte Camilla Sallerup Madsen

    Im also adding my vote. Tris is very much needed!



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