Bulk Edit Ticket Requester

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  • Marta Jacuk-Zurak


  • Whitney Votaw

    Hi there! +1

    We work in healthcare-related software and this comes up quite often (several times a week/month). Often times users will leave an organization and ask that we add CC's to all of their tickets (status<solved) and/or change the requester to an employee who is staying with the organization so they can take over. This is hugely time-consuming and would save us a lot of time. It seems like the underlying functionality is there already with the bulk update option and there appears to be quite a bit of interest. Is there any update on a feature for this? You'd be our hero!

  • Harold Roberts

    Please. Even if it is only for admins. We really need this. especially during Covid, when we are terming whole departments, or several departments at once.  


    And now that we are rehiring we need this as well, to return users in Bulk, and send their managers their credentials.

  • Svend Koustrup

    We also need this. When requesters quit their job in their organizations, i'd like to move his/her tickets ("requester" on those tickets) to another person in that organization. I could merge the user thus moving all tickets, but that also moves one user's details into another, which is not what I want. I also actually don't want to delete the end user, as old archived tickets should stay on that old user, so we can see who managed that old ticket.

    Just add requester field to the Bulk edit ticket view, thanks :-)

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey everyone, Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us in regards to bulk editing the ticket requester. Our team would like to investigate this feature request in the future and find the best way to address this product limitation. Currently, we are focusing on composer stability so we won't be able to prioritize this to our roadmap for at least the next 6 months. In the meantime, please keep sharing your use-cases with us as this will help us to prioritize this functionality in our future roadmap planning.

  • Richard Hartley

    Just to add yet another voice to this debate....we desperately need this too...

  • Emil

    Hi all,

    +1 for this feature.


    I created an automation to work around this.


    Hope this can save some of you some time




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