Working habits as an only agent

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  • Tal Admon

    Hi Noa,

    When we implemented Zendesk we were a small team of three support givers.
    Before that, we used to handle emails to a designated support inbox, which was fine for its time - but we wanted to scale up.

    Apart from the obvios benefits of having a support portal for our users and a bit more organized flow - the main benefit we saw after this move was completely internal:
    We finally, as a small support group, could create an internal workflow for escalations.

    Until then, in the emails era, we had a hard time getting internal support from our company's engineers and product people.
    Setting up the support portal and back-office, allowed us to recruit the company's management for a company-wide effort of applying customer-first approach.
    In few month, we shifted from a good-will basis (hoping this specific engineer will have time to see my email) to a scrict SLA-based internal escaltion methods.

    In time, it helped us expanding our support team (before then it was much harder to show value) and even create new positions (like 3rd-tier support engineers) and new products generating revenew for the company (premium support subscription).

    I am sure that in one way or another it also applies to your company - either now or in the near future as the company grows.

    Hope that helps!

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Noa!

    As a solo agent, you can make your life easier by taking advantage of Triggers, Automations, and Macros. These features can take care of some of the repetitive minutiae for you so you can focus on the stuff that really needs your attention. Just bear in mind that custom Triggers and Automations are only available at the Team plan level or higher.

  • Diane Albert

    I agree with Jessie on the Triggers and Automations - there were only two of us for quite a while, but we were making pretty good use of chaining things together with Triggers.

    For you personally, I think you'll find that Macros will be very valuable.  75% of the stuff I do within Zendesk can be handled with a macro.  I have "canned" responses that I will use, but then edit the actual Public Reply slightly so it doesn't sound so robotic.

    For instance, one of our biggest ones is resetting a password.  We have a "Forgot Your Password" link right on the login page, but you'd be amazed how many people miss that.  My macro has the text prompts where I fill in their new generic password, plus a screen shot of the login page with the link circled so they know next time they don't need me.

    This has really stopped me from groaning every time I see it.  :)

    So that you're building your house on a good foundation, map out what your support looks like so that you're not throwing macros together or adding views just because.  You're really working with software that will need structure and can get out of control quickly (I know!!).  I'm not suggesting you need a change process, since it's just you...but I'm sure there's a few of us here who look back and say "oooh, didn't see that coming".

    ...and simple is best as you're learning.



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