Allow end-users to use Rich Text formatting (like articles) and paste images


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    Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    I am really happy to let you know that we have just announced that you can now add Rich Text Editing to the Request Form! Click the link to read more!

  • Jamie Lauchlan

    This is the 1# request/complaint from virtually all our customers - "why can't we cut and paste an image instead of saving and attaching?" Would love to see this capability soon - because all I can say is "Zendesk doesn't offer that functionality". Then they ask why and....I have nothing.

  • Michael Dennis

    Ideally this would extend to include the ability to paste in text and images that have been written into some other source document.  Such as Microsoft Word.

    At a minimum, the ability to paste an image from the clipboard is very much needed.  nearly always the content of the image is relevant to the placement with the surrounding text.  It is not only awkward to do so as an attachment it makes understanding the message exceptionally hard.

    The case we have a LOT is a series of screen shots that can add up to dozens as the entire scenario is being shown how something happened.  

  • Mike Gallegos

    +1, we would like to see this implemented

  • Stefanie Hallmich

    We awaiting this Feature, too. Hope to see this implemented soon.

    Thanks, Stefanie.

  • Sveta Smirnova

    +1 from me

  • Eric Baur

    We also get a lot of requests from our customers to be able to do formatting in their responses to us.

  • Jeremy Moore


  • Martin Champagne

    I haven't seen an update the from the Zendesk Product team on this and it is more than a year old... is it in the roadmap and when should we expect to be able to do this?

    My adoption rate for using the help center with my Customers is very low and the number one reason I get for my Customers not using it is because they would rather just send in an e-mail because then they can copy and paste their images in.  The find this to be a huge pain.  

    This is a must have! 

  • Rebecca Shirazi

    Very much need to have the ability to paste an image from the clipboard. For years, the #1 complaint I get from customers around Zendesk is the inability to support images directly in the message and rich text. Attaching images makes understanding the message exceptionally hard for support teams. The lack of functionality is known to cause delays in ticket resolution and frustrating for users who rather just email support groups directly.

    Even this message editor allows to past images directly into the message.... : ). This shouldn't be hard to implement. 

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    A few of our use cases and reasons why this should exist: 

    • We have customers that need to submit code and/or technical logs to us.  The web form does not allow for these to be submitted in an easily read format. In order to send formatted text to us, we have to suggest email. 
    • We frequently capture attachments that are larger than what Zendesk and may email clients support.  We use a third party integration that is integrated into our webform to replace the attachment dropzone.  When a customer needs to submit an attachment and submit formatted text or an image - they run into issues of needing to submit twice, or submitting text that is more difficult to parse in the description/comment field. 
    • The web form populates articles from our knowledge base that we would like to benefit from during ticket creation.  Due to gaps in the ability to format messages, users are driven to email and not suggested these articles. Answer bot could technically resolve this via email - but the ticket has already been submitted and our response time SLAs on many tickets tend to be faster than someone could reasonably spend to read through an article and close out their own ticket. Ideally, we'd want the ticket to have been deflected before submission.
    • Rich text editing is available in other customer-facing Zendesk interfaces.  I can see a version of it in this comment as I type.  It gives me just enough to add images, code blocks, and other minor formatting (it would be even better if it matched the agent interface or the guide article creator which each have their own distinct editors as well). That would be a great addition.  With the community being part of the Help Center, it makes it look worse that the ticket submission form does not support the same basic functionality and provides a disjointed customer experience.
    • Rich text is supported from email which is a much less controlled environment today.  If an HTML email can come in and be parsed most of the time for an agent to read, it feels like the web form should be a much more controlled interface to prevent any bad actors from submitting junk tickets through the web form channel). 
    • I've been tempted to try to find out if there is a way to roll my own and to pull in a wysiwyg library and try to rebuild the web form, but then I'm committing to maintaining a custom web form and losing out on some benefits of being able to rely on the other features that Zendesk is doing well with being able to configure and setup forms from the UI.  

    In short, +1.  I've added my vote. 

  • Mario Costa

    Just to enforce what Martin Champagne describes as it is exactly the same type of complaints we have from our end-users nad the reason they prefer to use email

  • Nick Anderson

    Our customers frequently ask how they can craft better messages (we use markdown in our responses, and they are envious).

  • Devon Nobrega


  • Jamie Lauchlan

    What would be really helpful is for someone from Zendesk to actually (a) acknowledge this request, and (b) provide some tangible feedback on whether or not it will ever be implemented (or at the very least, is it even in the far distance on the product roadmap).....posted 3 years ago and no such response yet.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Devon - No worries! That's part of why I usually jump in and let people know what our teams actually look at.

    Jamie - the request has been acknowledged. The product teams are aware of the request. As far as whether or not it will be implemented... they haven't decided. They are open to considering it in the future (i.e. they haven't said "no") but also have no plans to do it at this time (i.e. they haven't said "yes" either.)

    We typically keep feedback threads open for additional comments and votes so long as the product teams tell us they'd consider it at some point, with the idea that additional votes and comments will help them to see that it remains relevant to users and how many people need it and how much (what the business impact is.) This is why when threads are ongoing we continue to encourage people to up-vote and to share detailed use cases.

  • Jeremy Bailey

    As a power user (on the customer side) and heavy support of several tools that use Zendesk for support, it's very frustrating not to have this. I need to write detailed bug reports that feature code samples, screenshots, etc., and having to use plain text is simply not expressive enough. I would never consider using the web form at this point except for quick replies -- I guess I'll have to use email only to interact with Zendesk, which makes it harder to see the context of the thread, etc.

    Please, please consider implementing this feature. What's the downside? As other commenters have noted, clearly the technology already exists and is mature (both in this community and as an agent-facing feature in Zendesk Support.

  • Chrissy DeLoughrey

    This is the number top issue raised by our users. The ability to paste screen shots of our product significantly improve the overall resolution. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Devon - 

    A "+1" comment does not register as a vote for the feature; please be sure to use the voting buttons on the original post to have your vote counted toward the total. 

  • Devon Nobrega

    Hey Nicole!

    Sorry about that, was just following suit. I've voted on the original post as well, thanks! 

  • Jamie Lauchlan

    Thanks for the response Nicole - I guess acknowledgement is implied, and we'll assume anything posted is monitored by someone. Still, the OP posted in 2016 and asked a question (When will this be added?) which until now no one from Zendesk answered - until you just did. We're left with MAYBE in the future...but not a definite no.

    As far as detailed use cases - not sure what else we could say on this one - it is such a simple to understand ask re: what we want and why, I can't see any further need to add more detail - I guess we simply need enough votes to make it matter.


  • Jake Edwards

    Yeah, it's taken so long that our Web Form usage has declined significantly in favour of emails.

    We used to be 50/50, now Web Form is about ~15%.

    I'm sure there are other factors, but emails are "simpler" for the end-users regarding attachments/inline images. Emails however, can't submit ticket fields, so we can't use them effectively either.

    p.s. why is the i so close to the l in the PNR font. That being said, it seems the original glyphs are fine in the font file, but they render badly in Chrome. Maybe something the web team want to check out.

  • Kelly Vitt

    We have clients requesting the same, they'd much rather paste in their image versus uploading via the attachment.


  • Ryan Clarke

    Just to echo what Jeremy Bailey mentioned. Most of our customers are "power users" and this severely hinders their ability to create an effective ticket from the help center. We want end-users to create their own tickets so our support staff have all the details from the get go, and they don't need to worry about filling out the fields in the ticket manually, for those generated by email. Please implement this feature. 

  • Jeronimo Carbi

    Hello ZenDesk Team,
    First, I hope that everyone is safe wherever you may be.
    Second, I agree with the previous comments and up-votes.
    This feature request would be a welcome addition to the workflows associated with end user's ability to easily incorporate images to their feature requests and bug reports.
    The downside as it stands, as others have eloquently shared, is that end users may choose to not report or share as the process is cumbersome and time consuming. For example, creating a word document for a bug report and then attaching the file can be a turn off and an effective demotivator for some. Similar to having to save 5 screenshots manually to then having to attach them one by one.
    If the person can simply state "I clicked here" then paste the screenshot #1, followed by "and this dialog boxed popped up" then paste screenshot #2, etc. it would encourage the sharing of critical information and step by steps to better support our clients.
    I use the workflow as an agent when helping our clients via tickets, I know it would help me if they could do the same for submissions.
    Thank you and wash your hands!

  • Nadeem Taj

    Dear Zendesk team,

    I think its absolutely ridiculous to have a ticketing system where the end user is unable to copy and paste a simple screenshot in line with text of an issue they are seeing.

    What is this, Windows 3.1?

    It is also unacceptable for such a vital function to be ignored for so many years when practically anyone you speak to stresses how important this is for their day to day support.

    All our clients complain about the same thing and how frustrating this.

  • Lesley Heizman

    We would love the capability for our clients as well. It is our number one complaint from our customers after going live is the ability to add formatting etc. to their responses within the portal. 

  • Zach Proa

    Our client base is looking for this feature as well!

  • Ben Ballard

    I got a question from a customer about not being able to format text when logging a ticket. We're in software and tickets often involve code formatting, log file excerpts, highlighting details in data excerpts, etc. We also understand why sometimes features take a while or won't be implemented sometimes for good reason, but this seems condescending and insulting to users.

    If agents can have it, I don't understand any technical reasons why users cannot use it - even as an optional feature we would have to enable. It drives customers to use email rather than the interface where they have a better chance of self-service or finding related info in our Guide, so this isn't just a "preference" issue, it affects the number of cases we have to handle, and our customers' ability to effectively communicate important details with us.

  • Eric Husband

    At least I can use rich text formatting here on this community forum. How such a basic feature is not available in Zendesk is baffling to me.

    We'd also like this feature please, and thanks.



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