Please enable font changing (or at least larger sizes) for exported Insights reports

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  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Chris! You can make some adjustments to the font size within your reports. To do this, open your report in GoodData, then click "Show Configuration" on the top right. This should open configuration options on the right side. 

    For all charts (everything except the headline and table), there will be a section called "Advanced Configuration." If you expand the "Global Settings" line, you have the option to adjust the font sizes:

    "Global Font Size" controls axis labels and legends. "Data Labels" controls labels within the chart (like percentages on a pie chart). Size 18 is the largest in-report option at this time, but it is much larger than the default text.

    If you need even larger labels, you could hide them on the report and replace them on the dashboard. GoodData has a Custom Embed Tool that allows you to create custom text and shapes for dashboards. This tool is much more flexible than the built-in report formatting.

    Give those options a try, and happy reporting!


  • Chris Mccraw
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    wow, thank you Amy, that is exactly what I needed!  

    You might mention to the support team that this is possible, as I only posted this after talking with a fellow on your team who decided it was not possible.



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