Automaticaly flagging (such as an automated Note) if a customer should not receive support

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  • Diane Albert

    Hi Chris

    I think this will probably depend upon how your customers are set up, i.e. are they already in your system as a tiered group and certain customers only receive knowledge base support whereas others can get email support.

    We've had success using Org tags because you can set up that any user attached to that org automatically inherits those tags when a ticket is opened.

    In our case, we have a yearbook program called Book Fairy where our Fairy Godmother yearbook coordinator will have our staff complete a yearbook for you - you supply the pictures.  We have the tag "book fairy" on the orgs and anytime someone from those orgs emails, they a) get a special email back via macro and b) go into a separate view.

    So depending upon how these customers would be trying to open a ticket, I think that will direct what might work best for you. 

    • Will you already have their email in most cases? 
    • What happens if you don't have their email and they are a "new" user - do you have a nice way of telling them their support options are limited? 
    • You could redirect ALL new users to KB or forum immediately and then vet out the existing users who may have been using a different email address. (which is the reverse of my initial suggestion)

    By using the tag / macro / view - you could limit which agents need to deal with these tickets that make it through.

    Best way to do this is to plot out exactly what you want to happen and then fill in the gaps in between in a "human" way.  Then look at the system and see how it fits. Then test test test.  I've had some really wonky work arounds that turned out pretty cool.


  • Chris Swinney

    Cheers Diane,

    Indeed, given the type of highly technical support provide, we are very hands on, and at the moment this all human, all email. Up until now, this has been provided carte blanche, which of course has led us to this point.

    I think we would not want (at this time) to use automated emails back to users, but rather insert a note into the ticket indicating to agents (who you can thought of as ALL 3rd line) that support may not be valid. We will then check offline to determine what we can/cannot do. 





  • Diane Albert

    Sorry statement could be misinterpreted.  The macro itself doesn't create an automated response for our Book Fairy - we do massage that on do have to manually run a macro.  Triggers and automations run based upon some event and we use those carefully when we are certain.

    And I read your thread on the Product Feedback too where someone responded with essentially the same about using a tag/checkbox to identify these folks.  That's how everything works in ours.

    That is how we segregate out a customer and once they're in that separate view and the tag is on their ticket, how we know who we're working with.

    So in your situation, let's say you have two customers emailing.  Customer1 gets support and Customer2 does not.  You would have a better idea of those who did because you've probably pre-screened them, so Customer1 would have the tag...maybe "prime" for purposes here. 

    If you set up a View like Prime Customers, you could do something where ticket is "created" and tag contains "prime".  All new tickets from customers who can get support, like Customer1, would bucket into that to get your hands-on treatment. 

    Anyone else like Customer2 would just be in new tickets and could manually (via macro canned response) be sent a forum link when you get to it...or because you think these people do NOT get support, could get an automated email to go immediately to forum.  You'd set up the trigger to say tags "contain none of the following" = "prime"...which is your support customer tag.

    It's figuring out if you can exclude a subset, then how to mark them, how to bucket them, and what to do with them.  And since you do this manually now, you probably have an idea of what criteria you look for.

    That's what we started with...what's the criteria and can we globally identify that.



  • Chris Swinney

    Thanks Diane. I will see if we can setup fo dummy Organisation/users and see what can be achieved.

    Bucketing and marking might be relatively simple (for existing Users), as it simply comes down to, "do they have a support contract in place"? This will be at an organisational level, although there might be complications such as Partner/endpoint user relationships.



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