Adding extra text in Web Widget form

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  • Brian Manning

    @Ilan - The Web Widget is not heavily customizable. You're limited to the settings available under the Web Widget channel in the Agent Interface. It's not currently possible to add placeholder text or a description to the fields exposed in the widget.

    The alternative is to build up your own widget using the Core API. I understand this isn't ideal for a lot of users, especially those accustomed to the features available for the Feedback Tab.

    There's been a lot of discussion on the customization options for the Widget. I suspect this is being driven by users like you who need to reproduce the functionality of the Feedback Tab post migration. Here's the most active discussion on our product feedback forum.

    Web Widget Customization Options

    If enhanced customization options are important to you I'd take a moment to give that discussion a vote and post your own comment in support.

  • Ilan Shemes

    Thank you for the information Brian. I'll take a look at the Core API after the weekend. Perhaps it allows me to build up a new form in an hour or two. 



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