How can I hide (to the customer) the fact that they are a ticket?


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  • Andrea Saez

    Edit the outgoing emails ;) 

    Go to your triggers and add tags for certain types of emails you want to avoid receiving a notification for an open request. boom. all done.

  • Diane Albert

    Yep...we have a global "do_not_contact" tag / trigger combo where if I add that tag, the customer receives no more emails on that ticket.  I do this when my light agents create a ticket under their own email and I want to make sure even though it's an internal task, it's still directed to the customer's org.  The customer doesn't need to know we're tinkering under the hood!

    We'll also do this to break the "thank you, no thank you" chain if someone isn't going away at the obvious resolve of a ticket.

    Similar to this, we have both regular "support" type tickets and we have task based tickets where we collect media files from our customers to import to their software.  I have different opening responses based upon the customized Ticket Type: support or media.  The media response lets them know it may be a few days before they hear anything concrete, but that we are acknowledging their stuff arrived and is not in the internet black hole somewhere.

    That just gives us an automated way to triage that work too.  :)

    You can have as many of these as you choose based upon tags or you can edit your opening trigger email every so often so those heavy use customers don't see the same redundant message.

    "Happy Tuesday...we'll be along to help you in just a few." ...and whatever else your message should say.  It's upkeep but if your company's brand wants this, then it's available to do.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Moderators to the rescue! :D

    You should also check out this article by one of our awesome Support Advocates on how to remove all the default formatting from your outgoing email template: Setting up an unformatted email template

    Let us know if you need anything else!



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