Sometimes internal emails get sent to users

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  • Diane Albert

    I have seen this happen in my account before...but it was from only one rep - and we discovered that when he would email our support account, his autofill was using that information.

    so instead of opening a brand new ticket, it got posted to a ticket he did 3 weeks earlier for someone not even related to the org he was opening a ticket for.

    We deleted that email address from his autofill and told him he must type our support email address each time or he must WATCH what fills in and nothing else should be in the TO: box but our address.

    we had to watch him do this if your salesperson is not on site, you may want to see if you can do a remote session just to have him walk through exactly what he did.

    you may not be seeing things!!  :)



  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    I have reached out to you directly regarding this issue, Leigh.

    Diane's explanation is usually the case (thanks for that, by the way!), but I want to make sure there isn't a functionality issue you are experiencing.

    Talk to you soon!



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