I need to change email address for end-users for an Org. > 750

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  • Carsten Falborg - Proventic.dk
    Community Moderator

    Hi Adam

    You should be able to get the import to work...

    If you use the same excel sheet and simply try to change the email address it probably won't work.

    Do you have an external ID on these users? If so you should be able to use those to update the email adresses.

    Another option would be to hire a programmer to use the API to change the emails on those users. It shouldn't take more than a few hours to program.

  • Diane Albert

    Hi Adam, you may need to do a user export first, so that you have the external user ID, then go through that spreadsheet and update the email address.

    In general, Zendesk uses the email address as the key to look up a person so it's a required field...and you're trying to update the required field with no other information available as a key.

    I don't think i've ever used the external ID for anything, but this would the one reason to do so.

    Not sure which plan you need to be on in order to be able to export the users...it may be any of them, but someone else might be able to weigh in on that one for me.

    I have no programmers and can't do anything with the API, so all my stuff is done with excel and access.

  • Diane Albert

    okay...sorry on this one.  user export is only XML or JSON

    Settings > Manage > Reports > Export

    and it looks like it's Professional and Enterprise plans only.


    TICKET data can be in CSV.

    now i know why i have difficulties...if i had everything in CSV, I'd be okay...i can hack that.

  • Adam Boggs

    We are on the Team Plan.

    Under Settings I have Account, Subscription, Security, Tickets, Agents, Customers, Benchmark Survey, Extensions.



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Adam,

    If you have the know-how, you should be able to get the external ids and then update your users through the API.



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