Maintain image quality within list formatting

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  • Diane Albert

    Hey Mollie...I work with images as yearbook tech support and I'm not seeing a big difference between the two visually in the picture you posted, but I know when you work with your own stuff, you can pick it out immediately.  Text in an image is awful to start with.

    If I had to guess and you looked at the code, the code for the list has additional formatting in the CSS that might be shortening the width of the line, which would make the image aspect ratio wonky and in turn, make it fuzzy.  I'm specifically looking at the length of the text between image one and two.  Two is "smushed". 

    You're probably using the regular editor to do this, not writing your own code, so changing the code for the list isn't the first thing on your mind.

    How important is it that you create it using the LIST tool so it autonumbers?  You can still number it, but YOU would physically type "1.spacespace" and make your own numbered'll avoid the whole <li> formatting piece in HTML.

    (it's what we old people had to do on our typewriters back in the day!! LOL) could use an app like SnagIt which has list capabilities on an image.  For instance, steps 1, 2, and 3 could be on a single image.  You open the image in SnagIt, click the numbering tool and then click on the places in the image to number.  Now save it and post that to your document.  Your list remains as text and at the end of your list, you place the image.

    If you're not going to be updating the document frequently, or there's not 8000 steps in your list  (5-10 is ideal), then hand numbering is not a horrid choice.

    If your document doesn't get a lot of traffic either, the fuzz may not be awful, but it's something you did pick up on.

    make sense?  nope you haven't been staring at the screen too long :)

  • Mollie Swenson

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for this super fast response!

    I know the fuzzier image is still legible, but it would be really nice to have the screenshots be as crisp and nice looking as possible.

    I intentionally saved the image with a width that ZD would not resize when it is in list formatting, and when I right click and go to Properties on the images on the page, it shows that both of them are the same width and height still, so I'm guessing that it's not a resize issue?

    However, yes I'm thinking you are right that it's definitely got something to do with the fact that the image is contained within a <li> tag. Your suggestion to manually number them if I can't get this figured out is definitely my backup plan, and you are absolutely right that these articles with only a few steps should be fine numbered manually. That works for this project, but I do have another project in ZD coming up, which does have a ton of steps and images per page, so I'd love to avoid numbering those manually and maintain excellent image quality, if possible.

    And I am using SnagIt as well, so those numbering options you suggested might be really helpful - I'll see if there's anything I can do with that, thank you!

  • Diane Albert

    are you loading the image to Zendesk, or are you adding an embedded link from somewhere else?  just curious.

    Because I use SnagIt and Camtasia, I also have a Screencast account and I just found it easier to set up folders for "Zendesk" and then subfolder the parts of my application.  Screencast allows me to share by getting the embed code, so I drop that in as HTML.

    If I ever need to update the image, I find out what folder it is in on Screencast and then I do a swap, so that I don't have to worry about breaking the link.  I try to reuse my images where ever possible and with minimal markups on the image itself.  One image may be used in 5 different articles, which I cannot do if I'm using the WYSIWYG image loader.

    I wondered if perhaps using something external would make a difference.

  • Mollie Swenson

    I am uploading them to Zendesk through the editor, so yes I may be doing it the slightly-less-efficient way. I don't have many places where reusing a screenshot would be necessary though, so I think it'll work for now.

    I've received another suggestion that my browser could be causing the issue. I'm using IE, so I'm going to see if there's any difference in other browsers as well. I'll let you know if that turns out to be the culprit.

    Thanks for your help! 



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