How to prefill widget description field?

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  • Angel Altura
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    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for raising this to us. Currently, Zendesk do not have a direct feature on which you can auto populate the value on the Description field of the web widget. The code that you have provided can be the work around for this, for the meantime. 

    However, highly encourage you to post your comment or suggestions on the discussion (by clicking the link below). I also recommend subscribing to the article so you'll be updated of any further comments.

    This is the existing discussion on our Product Feedback about the matter, where our Product Management team and other Zendesk users discuss possible new features and suggest workarounds. We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the forums help influence future Zendesk functionality. Here your request can gain traction through community input and voting to provide our Product team valuable feedback for future changes to Zendesk. Our team frequently visits this forum to consider functionality changes and feature requests from our online community.

  • Ron Michael Zettlemoyer
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    I too really want this feature. Or more specifically: What I really want is for what the user searches for in the initial help center form to automatically load into the ticket submission form. If a user asks "How do I do XX?" and nothing in the knowledge base answers that, they shouldn't have to type it in again when the click Contact Us. It should preload.

    I've tried using jQuery to automatically set the value of the description field with what's in the search field but I found that there's something in your code that overwrites that if the user clicks in the description field. It's like anytime the user clicks on the description field, your code resets it to the value it things it should be.



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