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  • Andrew J
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    Hello Luis, if you have the option (depends on your plan I think), I would think easiest way is to download your user list, manipulate the data in Excel etc, then reupload those users.

  • Julie Horton
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    Thanks... but this would only create new users with the new email addresses. UNLESS, they bulk deleted the users first & then they lose any linked tickets.

    Is there a better answer for this? We need a bulk update as well



  • Graeme Carmichael
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    See this article on bulk importing users. You can update existing users, but the new email address will be added as a secondary address.

    >when doing a bulk import, you can select the Update existing users option, which allows you to update the user profile data of users that you've already added to Support. Be aware, however, that some of the data is replaced and some of the data is just appended to the existing data.

    Users will be able to log in with any email in their profile and will still get notifications if their email is being redirected. I have found that when my email address has been updated, my exchange profile retains my old address as an alias so that mail does not get lost.

    If you need to update the primary emails for each user, I believe that will be a manual process in Support unless you have resources to do that via the API.

    Hope that helps.



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