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  • Gab
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    Hi there!

    Yes, it's possible to customize your CSAT survey using HTML. Just modify the email body of the CSAT survey sent out through the system automation Request customer satisfaction rating. In there, you can reference the URL of an image using the <img> tag.

    Hope this helps.

  • Graeme Carmichael
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    There is also a really fun example here.

  • Conza
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    Hi team,

    I get quite a few CSAT feedback that isn't about the agents actions, but about the overall experience (outside my team & control). 

    A way to make the CSAT's more accurate, I was hoping to capture somehow with a link to NPS in the CSAT email... in case the customer wants to provide NPS about overall experience... not just ruining the agents CSAT, when they did a pretty good job etc. e.g. link to SurveyMonkey form.

    Any ideas how to accomplish this? 

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Conza,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I commented on your post here: Using SurveyMonkey to collect satisfaction responses

    Hopefully, the information I provided helps and I'll also leave this post here to help provide visibility to other users that may be able to offer up some advice :)



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