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  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey Robert,

    Definitely possible! We're using for our status pages and have them embedded in our help centres. (you can see it on the bottom of the left side menu.)

    I've put together a small example here that can show you the basics on how you might achieve this kind of integration.

    You'll just need to get your own Page ID and that's pretty much it.


    Hope this is useful for you!

  • Robert Koch



    Could you be any more helpful? (Joking)


    AMAZING! Thank you man!

  • Jeremy Robinson


    Love the example and usefulness of this!

    I am putting together a demo for my org on this specific functionality, does the need to be an activated/paid (non-trial) instance for this to be fully effective? I can get the text link for my page to display on my ZenDesk Help Center, but the color dots don't show using the example you provided, regardless of status changes made to my components. I did ensure there were no CSS or js conflicts as well.

    Thanks in advance as this will hopefully satisfy several requirements and needs we are facing.

    UPDATE - After more digging, I did find information on the side that does state it requires the statuspage to be paid/active to be able to utilize this capability. Once active, this is THE BEST way to give a quick simplistic view of Statuses to the user base.

  • Tobias Funder

    Hey Dan

    For some reason, I can't make this work.

    Might there be some updates to the current default theme of Zendesk that is to blame?

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey Tobias Funder

    Strange, this should still work. It doesn't rely on anything fancy. Is your statuspage a paid account? 

    Can you share a link to the page you're trying to implement it? Or post a sample of how you have setup your code? 


  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Tobias Funder,

    We've just deployed some updates to the Statuspage app, are you check if its back up and running again?



  • Tobias Funder

    I found a solution. Thanks for the answers.



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