Full circle: Leveraging SLAs to drive team performance

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  • Thomas D'Hoe
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    Is an SLA just fired one or can it change when tickets are update?

    For example agent group A has a FRT of 8h for tickets with a high prio. When updating the ticket the agent group is changing from agent group A to agent group B. Agent group B has a FRT SLA of 10h. Will the SLA adapt to the new one and start the time from the beginning (10h) or is there a connection (logica) with the FRT of agent group A?


  • Ayal Kellman
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    Does anyone have any practical experience using Agent Work Time as their (only) SLA? I'd love to see a practical example how it would be implemented...


  • Devan
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    Hello Ayal,

    In lieu of practical experience, I've linked an article that depicts how to utilize Agent Work Time via SLA Policies below. This should give you a solid glimpse of how to begin conceptualizing your implementation.

    Defining and using SLA

    Best regards,




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