Changing the 'From' address with email notifications for article/section followers

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  • Wouter van Gessel

    +1 This should have been possible from the beginning.

    Zendesk offers a fully non-Zendesk-branded product for Professional users, so this should be unbranded by Zendesk as well.

  • Robyn Casanova

    I agree with Wouter. My IT department is working hard to obtain domains and email addresses. I should be able to use all of the above for all host mapping and communications coming form my teams.

  • Maura Kean

    I agree. Given everything else is able to be white labeled to our email addresses at our domaine, it's a sloppy look to have a ZenDesk email. I would love to utilize the subscription more, but unfortunately we limit it significantly. 

  • Michael Collins

    I agree and voted for this. Frankly, it seems like free advertising for Zendesk by forcing us to display in the "From" address. 

  • Nathan Hutchison

    Hi, agree this should be an option and I'm unsure why it isn't. One of the key reasons we'd want people to follow is so they can easily respond to articles for support from their inbox.

    Are there any plans to change this functionality?



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