Zendesk Clone Ticket App Enhancement

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  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for that feedback, Brad. We'll make sure the developer is aware of the request. 

    We'd also be interested to hear whether this would be useful for other users? 

  • Stephen Belleau

    Absolutely, this would be useful! I'm sure I've seen another larger thread on this same topic with a bunch of users, but I can't seem to find it when I search :( 

  • Michael Konstantin

    I agree with this, but maybe have it where there is an option to clone the attachments or not. I say this, as there are some instances where the attachments are needed with the clone, but most cases don't require them.

    To provide some insight into how we are currently using the "Clone Ticket" app, we use it for our Change Management processes, where we generate RFCs to be reviewed for implementation into our Production instances. Because those all utilize the same details with minor adjustments, we use the "Clone Ticket" to assist with those. With all of these, we attach a spreadsheet that includes the RPN (i.e. Risk Priority Number) details, to identify how impactful the RFC work will be. Also attached, are screenshots of the work that will be performed, which could be the same level of work (minor adjustments) as other RFCs.

    We don't always need to carry over the attachments, but in some scenarios, we may need to. Today, we just re-upload (with the minor changes made) the spreadsheet and any necessary screenshots. As such, I would opt more for a checkbox or some other way of having the choice to include attachments or not.

  • Michael Konstantin

    Another "Enhancement" request: The ability to set the "Assignee" of the cloned ticket upon generation, or at least have the cloned ticket get auto-assigned to the individual that generated the clone.

    As it stands today, if the "Assignee" is not the person that clicks on "Create Clones of this Ticket", it auto-assigns to the Group of the individual that was the "Assignee" of the originating ticket. This can be cumbersome to locate, if tickets are improperly labeled (i.e. Subject is the same as other tickets). Currently, I am looking to find a way to build a Trigger to work around this, but this would be a nice feature to have in the application.



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