Carthage support for Zendesk iOS SDK


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    Max Brunner
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    We've just released the version 3.0.0 of our Support SDK, which now contains support for Carthage.

    You can find the documentation here:


  • Michael H

    @Np: For the non-Developers amongst us, what is the value of Zendesk making changes to the iOS apps and using Carthage as part of the development?

    Will it do anything for users, and if so, how will it benefit users?

  • Np

    hi michael

    this change does not affect users any way, it is purely developer related

    developers usually use one of 3 ways to manage dependencies on their ios apps: Cocoapods, Carthage and manual install, for bigger apps like ours (hellofresh) we always prefer to use a dependency manager like cocoapods or carthage instead of manually having to download sdk updates

    we already use carthage as our dependency manager (as do many other devs in the community), this is why it makes no sense (nor is it advised) to use cocoapods to integrate zendesk, so currently we have to do manual install (which also ends up in less frequent updates than if we were using a dependency manager)

    as we have been cleaning up our dependencies and moving everything to carthage, zendesk is one of the last sdks we use in our app that is still requiring us to use manual install instead of just using one of the platform standard dependency managers, hence my request 

    I hope I was able to make it clear the advantages of carthage support, please let me know if you need any further info

  • Thomas Minshull

    Hi Michael, 

    Carthage provides me with a way to keep the version of the Zendesk Chat SDK up to date. Without Carthage, bug fixes and updates to your SDK don't get deployed in my app. 

    So the benefit to the end user is they get to experience the latest and least buggy, zen desk experience. 



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