User Segments restricted to agents and end-users


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  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Rachel -

    I think the new Guide user permissions solves your problem as management permissions are now controlled by user segments and set at the article level.

  • Rachel Guntrip
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    Thanks Nicole. I don't think this addresses the issue I was experiencing though. I already created a new management permissions segment several months ago and applied this segment to each individual article at article level. I also had a lengthy conversation with Zendesk afterwards since despite this, certain managers could still edit articles despite being excluded from the new segment that had been set. I was told that due to the built in Managers edit/publish permissions, this will always be default. I cannot choose to delete this in built segment nor to have my newly created segment as default so regardless of me having updated each article's permissions to be "managed by" my new segment, a manager in the built in manager segment was still able to edit them.



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