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  • Allen Hancock
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    Hi Jenna!

    I agree with the request here, but wonder how our experiences are different. Searching for a domain in our Zendesk shows me tickets based on the domain

    Try this:

    [your zendesk]/agent/search/1?q=citrus.k12.fl.us

    Additionally, we use domains in our orgs, so that we can get to a list of all tickets from the same org pretty easily.

    I'd be curious to hear if there's a reason one of those doesn't work for your use case.


  • David Leigh
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    We have the same experience as @jenna

    Here's an example organization:

    Organization Name: TLV Works
    Organization Domains: tlv.works tlv.works.co

    Clicking the search icon at the top of the agent screen, and the following search:


    returns 'No results'.  It's worth noting that this search:


    returns the correct organization but most likely because it's actually matching the name not the domain





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