Community Views vs. Google Analytics Page Views


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  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Sarah -

    There are a number of reasons these values could be different. Usually, people see higher views in their Reporting than in Google Analytics, because they set up GA to filter out internal traffic while there's no way to do so in Reporting.

    If your number is significantly higher in Google Analytics, I would check on how things are being tracked there and make sure you're not double-tracking/counting page views. This actually happened to us recently; one team had set up Google Tag Manager and another had implemented tracking code and we were getting significantly more page views reported than we were actually receiving.

    Once you're sure things are set up and being tracked correctly, Google Analytics is probably the better source for this sort of data, since it tracks so much more and you can filter data and that sort of thing.

    I hope that helps, but let us know if you have further questions!

  • Ekaterina Bormosova
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    I also see big differences in pageview numbers in Zendesk and GA reports. It’s important for me to understand what kind of data you can trust. There may be a difference in the approach to viewing. In GA, you can watch both the number of views and the number of unique page views (when repeated page views are not taken into account). And what does Zendesk think of the number of views: unique or all?



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