Automation condition bug

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  • Allen Hancock

    Thanks for posting Yoram!

    You bring up and interesting point.. if form at creation is the intent, it could be clearer. 

    Tell us more about the use-case, and perhaps there's another solution while the wording is reviewed?

  • Yoram Dagan

    HI Allen,


    I have a few forms, which are used by the type of service we give to our clients.

    In some cases, the form might be changed as the customer might have done a mistake and opened the ticket to the wrong queue or the agent has done a mistake in selection.

    There might be other use cases.


    In my case, I worked around it by selecting the group who handles the ticket to filter the correct tickets in the automation.

    I tried to "close" tickets which were opened by our systems and their creation time is more than 24 hours. unfortunately, our system opened the tickets, using the wrong from which I have made sure to fix it temporarily by changing the form to these tickets to the correct one, hence the original form is different from the current ticket form. 

    I have created the automation based on the form I use. My automation conditions were:

    • Hours since ticket creation is greater than 24 hours
    • Status is less than solved
    • Assignee is empty
    • From is TR (Originally, the ticket was opened using the "Support form")

    What I have noticed is that tickets which were originally opened using the "support" form, were not picked up by the automation filter until I removed the "form" condition and replaced it with something else (in this case the group handling the ticket).

    I also tested it by changing the form to "support" in the automation and saw that these tickets are now picked up by the filter.

    My conclusion is that the automation form condition is looking on the original form which the ticket was created with rather from looking on the current form which is used.




  • Patrick Bosmans
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Yoram,

    I did some testing in one of our test accounts to try and replicate this issue, but was unable to do so.  

    I created 2 tickets, 1 that was created with Form A, that was then changed to Form B and 1 that was created in Form B initially. Then I created an automation that would fire on Form B tickets to change their status.  Both tickets were acted on by the automation.

    If you are willing to, please send a ticket to with some examples of the tickets that are and are not, but should be, affected by your automation and one of our Advocates and do some further digging into your account to see why this behavior is occurring.



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