Creating Views for Assigned to Current User + Unassigned Tickets

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  • Heather R

    Hi Dylan! I recommend trying this out:

  • Dylan Cunniffe

    Thanks Heather. I probably should have also mentioned that I also only want to view tickets in a particular subset of groups.


    If I include those groups as part of the any conditions, + the conditions you stated above. I get every ticket the agent is assigned + every unassigned ticket regardless of group + all the tickets in the groups I selected.



  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Dylan, 

    If your agents are members of the groups you want filtered, you could add an ALL condition for Group | Is | (current users's groups).  This would allow for the view to be dynamic for any user to show them their tickets, or unassigned tickets they are eligible to work. 

  • Dylan Cunniffe

    Thanks, didn't realise those conditions were available.


    That looks like what I needed!



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