Merging two tickets which share a custom field (I've made it more clear in the post)


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  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Oliver,

    There wouldn't be a way to set this up natively since triggers/automations will only look at individual tickets they're firing on. I did some digging in our app marketplace and it looks like there may be a Zendesk Labs app that could help accomplish what you're looking for: Linkets

    This app will allow for you to link existing tickets together as shown in the screenshot below:

    Keep in mind that since this is a Zendesk Labs app this is not actually supported by Zendesk. If you experience any issues with the integration you'll want to troubleshoot on your end or post on the Github page here

    Hope the above helps!

  • Andrew J

    Hello Oliver, have you considered adding this as a prefix to the ticket title and using the problem-incident function?
    Even just add it as prefix and sort by title.
    Why can you not link the tickets initially?
    How are you planning to use this linking? Where does it need to be visible?
    You may be able to make a view ordered by that field?
    Hope this triggers some ideas.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Some great ideas all round here, and certain food for thought.

    Thank you both!


  • Justin Fenech

    Hi Oliver,

    Coming up with custom solutions to problems like this is my speciality.

    My suggestion would be to turn both of these tickets into an incident and link it them to a newly created problem ticket for each purchase order. This has the added benefit of you being able to message all linked incidents in one swoop.

    This may be overkill, or not ideal if you are currently using problem tickets another way, but I suggest this as it opens up the doors for full automation; especially if a customer is able to enter their purchase order number in any newly created tickets.

    You could do things like:

    1. Automatically create a problem ticket when you add a purchase order number to a ticket.
    2. Automatically link a ticket when a ticket with a purchase order is updated/created.

    Problem tickets not your thing?

    There are many ways you could relate these tickets if you aren't keen on using problem tickets. You could go as deep as having a custom app built, or as simple as having all the orders exported to a google sheet automatically.

    I love automation, so if you need something custom built let me know; I can work to most budgets.
    If you are technically minded and on a $0 budget, I'm happy to share some wisdom if you have any questions.


  • Oliver Jackson


    Thanks for this. Indeed you exude Zendesk wisdom!

    I will have a play around with some of the things you suggested In principal I like them: redesigning our contact form to request PO numbers isn't something I had considered until you mentioned a customer's ability to enter this in newly created tickets.

    Thanks once again! I may get back to you about a thing or two in future! :)


  • Justin Fenech


    Thank you for the compliment. I would love to hear what you come up with as a solution, and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

    All the best!




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